5 Hidden Gems of Sundarban for Backpackers

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Welcome, Backpackers! If you're ready to start off a journey to the beaten path and discover the hidden treasures of Sundarban forest, you're in for a treat. Sundarban, with its lush mangrove forests and diverse wildlife, is a paradise for backpacker tours seeking adventure. In this guide, we'll unveil some of the lesser-known gems of Sundarban forest that will make your backpacking journey truly unforgettable.

Explore secluded sanctuaries teeming with avian wonders, navigate mysterious waterways where wildlife roams freely, and immerse yourself in the untamed beauty of remote wilderness areas. From bird sanctuaries to deltas, each hidden gem promises to enrich your backpacking experience in Sundarban. Sundarban awaits, ready to unveil its secrets to those brave enough to seek them.

Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary

Visit the peaceful Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary in Sundarban forest! See many colorful birds in the trees and hear them sing.

There are many kinds of birds here, from little ones that dart around the water to big ones that fly high up. Take a walk and listen to the calming sounds of nature. Feel the nice breeze as you relax in this beautiful place.

If you are a backpacker who loves birds or just wants a quiet place to be, you'll love Sajnekhali! Bring your camera and shoes for walking, and get ready for a fun adventure in the bird world of Sundarban!

Pirkhali Delta

Take a special boat trip through the hidden channels of Pirkhali Delta. It's quiet here, not like the busy tourist places. You'll see tall mangrove trees with roots like a maze. Bring your camera to take pictures of wild animals like crocodiles and deer.

The Pirkhali Delta in Sundarban forest is like a magical place with new things to see around every corner. You'll see the amazing mangrove roots that are home to many animals, both on land and in the water. Look for signs of wildlife, like ripples in the water from a crocodile or a quick glimpse of a deer. The more you explore, the more you'll discover about this mysterious delta.

Remember, Pirkhali Delta is a special place that we need to protect. Don't leave any trash behind as you explore this beautiful wilderness.

Set sail on an adventure in Pirkhali Delta! You'll see amazing things, learn about its secrets, and enjoy its wild beauty.


Go deeper into Sundarban forest and uncover the untamed beauty of Dobanki. This remote wilderness area is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike. Trek through dense forests and marshy swamps, immersing yourself in the raw magnificence of nature.

Explore the wild side of Sundarban in Dobanki! This hidden area is great for people who love animals and adventure. Hike through thick forests and wet swamps to see nature's amazing beauty.

Dobanki is like a world where everything lives together in harmony. You might see shy deer or playful monkeys swinging in the trees.

The coolest animal in Dobanki is the Royal Bengal Tiger! These big cats are very strong and rule the Sundarban jungle. Look for signs like paw prints or hear their roar in the distance.

But don't worry, you can see these tigers safely with a guide. Go on a special trip to see them in their own home, where every sound could lead to an exciting discovery!

Dobanki is a beautiful and wild place. You'll learn to appreciate its strength and how nature survives here. It'll make you feel connected to the wild spirit inside everyone!

Local Culture at Gosaba

Take a break from your Sundarban adventure in Gosaba village! This friendly village is right next to Sundarban and is a great place to meet the locals.

Gosaba welcomes you to learn about how they live. Walk the colorful streets, chat with people who are happy to share their stories, and try their yummy food! The food is made with fresh ingredients from nearby and is sure to surprise your taste buds.

Before you leave, visit the village market to find special handmade crafts and souvenirs to remember your trip. These things are made by skilled people in Gosaba and tell the story of their culture.

Spend some time in Gosaba to experience the local life, meet friendly people, enjoy delicious food, and find unique treasures.

Netidhopani Watchtower

Visit the peaceful Netidhopani Watchtower for a magical Sundarban experience! This lookout tower sits on a hill and shows you amazing views of everything around. Sit quietly and watch the sunset paint the sky with orange and pink colors.

Netidhopani Watchtower is a special place to escape the busy world and be at peace with nature. Climb the stairs and feel your worries fade away with each step.

At the top, you'll see a wide view of Sundarban - forests, waterways, and endless sky! Sit on the benches and let the beauty fill you up.

Don't miss the sunset! The sun goes down and makes everything glow gold. Then the sky turns into a colorful picture with orange, pink, and purple.

Feel the wind on your face and enjoy the quietness of this remote place. Here, far from the city noise, you can find peace and appreciate nature's rhythm.

Take a break at Netidhopani Watchtower. See the amazing views and relax. Let the peace remind you of the beauty outside of the busy world.


It's time to say goodbye to Sundarban, but don't forget your amazing adventure! Remember all the cool places you explored, from the peaceful bird sanctuary to the mysterious delta.

Think about the quiet times you spent watching wildlife, the excitement of discovering new places, and the friendly people you met in the village. These experiences will always be a part of your trip and will stay with you forever.

Keep exploring new places as you travel! Remember what you learned and saw in Sundarban, and let it inspire you to find more adventures. Be open to new things and keep your curiosity alive!

Happy travels, fellow backpackers! There are so many amazing places waiting to be discovered. Keep exploring and the spirit of adventure will take you to exciting destinations. We'll miss you in Sundarban, but the memories you made here will stay with you forever!

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