Transport Facilities To Reach At Sundarban

Transport Facilities To Reach At Sundarban
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The Sundarbans is a natural wonderland with distinctive flora and fauna in the southern regions of Bangladesh and the Indian state of West Bengal. It draws tourists from all over the world who come to see its unrivalled natural beauty since it is the home of the renowned Bengal tigers. However, getting to Sundarbans might be difficult because of its isolation and poor connectivity. In order to make your Sundarban tour to this breathtaking location as easy and enjoyable as possible, we will discuss the numerous transportation options in this post.

Transport Facilities To Reach At Sundarban

How To Reach At Sundarban?

Before reading about the transport facilities to reach Sundarbans, read about how you should read at Sundarban in general. Hence under this section, we are including a complete guide that also includes different sorts of transportation.

The isolated and unusual Sundarbans region is situated in southern Bangladesh and the Indian state of West Bengal. Although getting to Sundarbans can be difficult, several travel options are available to make the trip less difficult. Here are some methods for getting to Sundarbans:


By Air

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata, India, which has good connections to important cities all over the world, is the closest airport to the Sundarbans. You can travel to Sundarbans via bus or cab from the airport.

Even though Sundarban isn't directly connected to air travel, it is nevertheless indirectly connected to the rest of the world. The closest airport is Netaji Subhash Chandra Airport in Kolkata, about 170 miles away. Therefore, people from all over the world can quickly and simply travel here. This airport receives frequent international flights from all over the world. After arriving in Kolkata, you can travel to Sundarban via bus or a private vehicle.

Additionally, you can take the train from Kolkata to Sundarban. In addition, many Sundarban travel agencies offer Sundarban trip packages that include transportation from Kolkata to Sundarban in an air-conditioned or non-airconditioned vehicle.   



Canning, the closest railway station to the Sundarbans, offers excellent connections to Kolkata and other significant Indian cities. Take a bus or hail a cab to go to Sundarbans from Canning. Kolkata has three main train stations: Sealdah, Howrah, and Kolkata. All around India, these railway stations have good connections. So, you may easily go by train to Kolkata from any location in our country.

You can take a local train from Kolkata to Sundarban after arriving there. Identifying Sundarban's closest train station. Get out at Canning station, which is around 48 kilometres away, if you're taking the train to Sundarbanby. Gosaba, which is located roughly 50 kilometres from Sundarban, is the closest town. After that, you can take a car or a private cab to the jetty to board a boat for a tour of the Sundarbans.

If you're planning a trip to the Sundarbans with family or friends, you should work with a tour operator who can provide you with a guiding team. so that your trip won't be stressful.


By Road

Many cities in West Bengal and the neighbouring states are connected to Kolkata via well-maintained roads and motorways, including Sundarban. Pre-booked transportation allows you to travel stress-free and comfortably from any place at any time if you are able to use public transportation from Namkhana (105 km), Sonakhali (100 km), Canning (64 km), and Najat (92 km).

You can take a bus to get from Kolkata to Sundarbans. In addition to this, Kolkata has a large selection of AC and non-AC taxis for taking a trip to the Sundarbans. To make your journey more comfortable, you can take a cab.

From Kolkata and other significant West Bengal cities, one can travel by road to the Sundarbans. The trip from Kolkata to Sundarbans takes about 3–4 hours and is serviced by a number of buses and taxis.


By Waterways

Travelling by boat is the most common way to get to the Sundarbans. From Kolkata and other surrounding cities, a number of launches and boats are available to take you to the Sundarbans. Depending on the beginning place, the boat trip can last anything from a few hours to a whole day.

Some say travelling to Sundarban National Park by boat is a good idea. Since the national park is surrounded by water, travelling by boat or on a luxurious cruise is simple. Sundarban Delta, Jambudip, and Namkhana are a few locations connected by rivers. In my opinion, water is the finest transportation method for a Sundarban tour because it connects to all the main attractions by water.

In conclusion, getting to Sundarbans can be difficult, but several travel options are available to simplify the trip. You can select the finest means of transportation to travel to this exceptional and stunning location and fully appreciate the Sundarbans' natural beauty by considering your tastes and budget.



To sum up, Sundarbans is a captivating location that draws tourists from all over the world. Although getting there can be a little difficult, numerous transport options are available to make the trip as easy as possible. Depending on their interests and budget, travellers have various alternatives, including air, rail, road, and waterways. You can enjoy a relaxing and hassle-free Sundarban trip and fully appreciate the natural beauty of this special location by making your travel arrangements in advance and taking into account the various transportation options.

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