5 Important Factors to Consider When Planning to Outsource Blog Writing Services

5 Important Factors to Consider When Planning to Outsource Blog Writing Services
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A key component of content marketing tactics is blog postings. According to a report by the Content Marketing Institute, about 90% of companies utilize blog postings for content marketing. It can take a lot of work to update frequently; one blog post of around 1,000 words requires six hours to research, write, edit, and publish. Outsourcing blog writing is a terrific way to keep up a competitive publishing speed and balance the time demands on the internal marketing team. Businesses can cut money on overhead, salary, and benefits by employing a freelancer or outsourcing content marketing. Instead, they can work with independent contractors for an hourly rate or a fixed cost per assignment. A guide describes the procedure and provides advice for dealing with freelancers and content services if you have never hired a freelancer for blog writing services.

5 Factors to Consider Before Hiring Blog Writing Services

Below are 5 factors that should be taken into consideration:

1- Choosing the Right Writer

Finding the best writers for your company is essential when looking for blog writing services. The first step is to draught a job announcement that specifies the particular needs, such as the number of words per blog post, the use of keywords, the linking requirements, the tone and style, the level of experience required, the topics for the blog, and the manner of payment. The more details you offer upfront, the more likely it is those competent writers who are familiar with your industry will apply to write for you. Whenever you receive applications, it is advised that you carefully examine them to find the most suitable applicants. To reach a conclusion, you can study their writing samples and engage in audio or video interviews. To save time and effort and avoid going through this drawn-out process, you can deal with a company that offers blog writing services.

2- Effective Management

It's crucial to keep in mind that even seasoned writers will require direction when crafting material for your particular organization when choosing a blog writing service. Spend some time informing the writer about your products or services, target market, and marketing objectives before requesting a blog article from them. By doing this, you can be confident that the content is personalized to your company's needs and fulfills your expectations. Companies that blog obtain 97% more connections to their websites, and blog entries with graphics receive 94% more views than those without, according to industry figures. Hence, employing a blog writing service that can generate excellent, optimized material can assist boost the exposure of your website and increase traffic to your company.

3- Proper Standards Explanation

The key to successful blog writing outsourcing is clear communication. It's crucial to express your expectations clearly so that each post satisfies your criteria. For instance, make sure to let the writer know at the outset of the job if you have specific requirements for word count or formatting. Also, supplying the writer with your brand standards or internal style guide can aid in the creation of material that complements the voice and mission of your business. You may minimize the need for changes and make sure that each blog post meets your standards by giving clear instructions and feedback.

4- Immediate Problem Tackling

It's crucial to handle issues as they come up while choosing a blog writing service. Even the finest writers can make mistakes now and again, but if you don't point them out to them, they won't be able to correct them. It's crucial to let a writer know your expectations if they start missing deadlines or not getting back to you promptly. You may work together to discover a solution that benefits everyone by talking about the problem. Speaking out is important since effective communication is essential for a productive engagement with blog writing services.

5- Create Order Briefs

It is advised to create an order brief for each job to get the most out of outsourcing blog writing services. The brief should include information about the blog post's length, formatting specifications, style and tone, target audience, SEO best practices, photos, and content. You should give a maximum word count or desired range, HTML headers, italics, brief paragraphs, bulleted lists, or other formatting features. You should also choose whether you want the writer to write in a conversational or factual tone and characterize the intended audience. Also, you should provide SEO best practices, such as the number of links or keywords to employ and whether photos are necessary.


In conclusion, hiring a full-time professional is not always necessary to create high-quality content on a blog. Without having to oversee your authors, working with an agency can give you all the advantages of outsourcing.


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