7 answers to frequently asked questions regarding braces

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If you've recently started orthodontic treatment or are thinking about getting braces, you likely have a great deal of inquiries. Will it hurt? What amount of time will this require? Well, don't worry. We're here to respond to the most common questions about braces in Niles.

1) What are braces, and how would they work?

Braces consist of brackets and wires that over time tighten your teeth. This assists with moving them into the desired position.

2) Do braces hurt?

While braces might cause some inconvenience at first and after changes, they are generally manageable and temporary. You can use pain relievers and orthodontic wax. This can assist with easing any inconvenience brought about by the braces.

3) How much longer do I have to wear braces?

The seriousness of your dental issues and the treatment strategy will determine the amount of time the method requires. The average duration of braces in Niles is three years to eighteen months.

4) Can I still eat food normally with braces?

You might have to make a few dietary changes while wearing braces. This can assist with preventing harm or getting food stuck in them. You need to keep away from sticky and hard foods, as they can twist wires or break brackets. It can be beneficial to pick softer food varieties and cut crunchy fruits and vegetables into more smaller pieces.

5) How do I keep my braces clean?

You need to maintain good oral cleanliness when you have braces. This can help you prevent food build-up. It can also assist you with staying away from any gum disease. You should clean your teeth after each dinner. For this, you can use a delicate toothbrush. You can also ask your dental specialist for a flossing solution.

6) Will I have to wear a retainer after braces?

Yes, wearing a retainer is normally fundamental after braces in Rolling Meadows. This is to maintain your orthodontic treatment results. You will get exact guidelines from your dentist about how frequently you need to wear your retainer. This assist with keeping your teeth from getting back to their past positions.

7) Will braces influence my everyday exercises, like playing sports or instruments?

You might have to take some precautions. You need to wear a mouthguard during physical games or use orthodontic wax to safeguard your lips while playing instruments. Braces shouldn't significantly affect your capacity to take part in your favourite exercises.

To sum up

These were some of the common questions people ask when getting braces in Rolling Meadows. Braces are instruments that can help you align your teeth. The treatment can typically last between 18 months to 3 years. However, it depends on your severity. Your braces can sometimes hurt, so to reduce the pain, you can use pain relievers. Apart from this, there are various other measures you need to take to maintain your braces. You need to clean and floss them regularly. You also need to wear a mouthguard when playing sports. All of this can help you achieve a beautiful smile.

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