7 Expert Ways to Use an Event Management Software & Sell Out Tickets!

7 Expert Ways to Use an Event Management Software & Sell Out Tickets!
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06 September 2023

After spending countless hours planning your event– the venue is finally set. Whether you picked a physical spot or used a hybrid event management software, it’s time to circle the date and ensure everything goes well.

From the performer's arrival to audio checks, all the essentials must be in place before the curtains are drawn. But what about your attendees?

The show will only happen with them. You need to fill out all the seats to call your event a success. And for that, you need a few hacks.

Selling out all the tickets for an upcoming concert, festival, or conference depends on how well you convince the audience with your marketing campaigns. If you want to know how to do so, keep reading this blog until the end.

Plan Consistent Messaging for the Whole Ticket Sales Lifecycle

Timing is crucial when you’re trying to sell out your event. In other words, your prospective audience will not likely buy tickets from day one to end. There’s a pattern which is called the sales curve.

If you notice any case study closely related to event tickets, there’s a time when the graph is at a peak and then maintains stability, further soaring high on the last day.

The two peaks are generally when you sell the most passes.

So, plan out your messaging that attracts people initially, remains consistent throughout, and then ramp up your efforts during the close dates.

For this, you can dedicate 40% of your funds to the first and last strategies (each) while keeping 20% for the maintenance period.

Here’s an example– first, grab potential attendees' attention and then create a FOMO. Make them believe they'll miss out on something so big and exciting that everyone else’s doing. You’re done.

Turn Emails into Clickbaits, and then “Yesses”

People receive tens of emails daily. Standing out from the crowd thus requires some skills to drive the traffic from mails to your listing. Still, email marketing is a potent tool in the digital age if you know how to use it for maximum effectiveness.

Here are a few things you can try–

  • Craft an attractive subject line that offers a sneak peek at your event’s value.

  • Keep the messages concise with a compelling call to action.

  • Don’t use excessive capitalization, dollar signs, or exclamation marks.

  • Use email marketing tools to send email campaigns and follow-ups seamlessly.


Go All-in for Social Media

But smartly!

Yes, you must utilize social media; however, the strategies should align with your event’s size and scope. Simply put, a Facebook page and a Twitter account are sufficient for a small event, whereas to reach a wider audience, you must consider a comprehensive social media plan.

For instance–

  • You can create how-to guides and blogs.

  • Collaborate with event partners, hosts, and sponsors for cross-promotion of the event.

  • Partner with influencers to increase the audience base.

All these will help you increase the engagement rates and keep the attendees hooked until D-day.

Remember to Optimise Your Website for Mobile Users

Half of the website traffic comes from mobile users, so catering to that significant number should be a priority. If people can’t access your event site or it takes too long to load, you risk losing a considerable chunk of your to-be attendees.

Moreover, your inability to deliver an excellent experience to users can harm your brand’s reputation.

To avoid this, optimize your event website and ticketing now so people can easily book tickets from whichever device.

SEO is another must in the checklist

Search Engine Optimization can make your event visible to the digital crowd. You need a domain name that aligns with your event’s name, pick relevant keywords, frame the content, and keep updating the feed or blog section.

Not only will this boost the reach, but it will also help you easily organize future campaigns.

Choose the right sponsors.

Many consider sponsorships financial support, however, they can be a game-changer in this setup. Collaborating with any sponsor could mean creating mini-experiences that add depth to your event, letting you benefit from experiential marketing.

Try to focus on who you choose as your sponsor and negotiate smartly because if done right, your event can be the next big thing of the year.

Lastly– Keep tabs on your marketing efforts.

Tickets are selling quickly, marketing campaigns are going fine, and the collaboration list is ready. However, the final date is still far, so you need to keep pushing.

Just because tickets are getting sold doesn’t mean you can take a break from promotion. Instead, it’s time you focus on more critical aspects, such as analyzing the conversions, total expenditure, returns, etc.

Check if the free conference management software can help you shift funds to other campaigns or if you need a professional’s help to organize the big day.

The last step is all about monitoring and refining your processes. So, don’t miss out on this one.

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