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01 October 2022

Despite food playing such a significant role in Minecraft, few people take the time to create a fully-furnished kitchen for their homes. Whilst they don't serve any practical reason, they do allow for a higher level of RP, and also means that you can dedicate certain areas of your house to certain tasks. Do you want to host guests over and host them at a long table, in GoT style? Do you want a simple and cute kitchen to yourself?

As you plan out a kitchen design, your choice will be based on what matters most to you, including lighting, aesthetics dimensions, and the location. This list has everything you require, from traditional medieval tables based on Minecraft to outdoor buffets that will give the impression of tropical and outdoor buffets that can be used to satisfy your tropical desires. If you're a beginner in Minecraft or want to step it up by tackling a new challenge, there's a kitchen waiting to be built in your world.

From a rustic corner kitchen to a scifi-themed kitchen, we've got our top 7 Minecraft kitchen designs to inspire your build below!

1. Cabin Corner

A simple design may be beneficial depending on the type of home you've built. Sometimes the less is more. You can create a cozy corner kitchen in your home by using mostly wood, flower Pots with plants and mushrooms and mood lighting with Lanterns, and a Campfire or Netherrack fire for cooking area.

Corner Kitchen in Minecraft

2. Modern

A modern look in Minecraft is a great option if you are looking for elegance and simplicity. Keep it simple and use modern appliances such as fridge freezers and microwaves. Then, throw in the breakfast bar or center island and you're all set. This is a straightforward kitchen design that will complement the modern home themes that are out there.

Minecraft Modern Kitchen

3. Restaurant

It is especially useful if you are playing on a multiplayer server and would like to engage in some RP. Making a restaurant and cooking meals with your friends in exchange of materials or valuables can be easy and extremely immersive.

Minecraft Kitchen Restaurant

Create a seating area, a space for people to make their orders, and then set up some serious cooking machinery behind the scenes to handle different meals simultaneously. Use a Campfire as grill, and create an Ice room to store all of your meat prior to cooking it.

4. Banqueting Hall

For those who want to go extremely simplistic and old-fashioned, styling your kitchen as an elegant banquet is a logical choice. Set up a long table with lots of cooked goods, Flower Pots as flagons of ale, and an open fire to cook the accumulated harvests from your various hunting and explorations.

Minecraft Banquet Hall Kitchen

Minecraft's default aesthetic is rustic and medieval. This design doesn't require any old-fashioned materials which makes it a great option for a display that won’t take up the majority of your time.

5. Cantina

A staple for sci-fi fans, why not construct an area that can accommodate all kinds of alien folk. The sci-fi style allows you to use whatever materials you wish and have it work as well. In terms of cooking appliances, you can double up with a blast furnace or a furnace as service droids behind the bar.

Minecraft Cantina

You can also add other ideas to your project for example, a mini aquarium or fish-tank that you can use for exotic fish to look at (or consume). You can also buy sci-fi-themed textures and skins on the internet or through the Minecraft Marketplace If you wish to go further.

6. Boat Buffet

Kitchens in the indoor space can be stale and crowded. Why not shift the cooking outside? Perhaps even shift it to the waterfront and have a tropical-themed buffet. To make your cookout more enjoyable, get some boats and fishing rods. You can also add a Jukebox or lanterns. This waterfront concept can be made more unique by adding stunning views.

Minecraft Outdoor Kitchen

7. Hell's Kitchen

If you're seeking a dark, mysterious kitchen in another dimension then get yourself into the spirit of Gordon Ramsay by building your kitchen in the Nether.

Minecraft Kitchen in The Nether

Build it teetering on the edge of a lake of lava, and trade in Furnaces for burning Netherrack and glowing Campfires. To harvest Porkchop you can establish an Hoglin Farm close by. Make use of some Obsidian to reinforce the walls from Ghast's fireballs (or your own cooking disasters), and build tables. Just don't expect to have a lot of regular customers.


The 7 kitchen concepts listed here are built around themes and goals. We hope that you will find something that you like. Whatever kitchen build you decide be sure to remember that home is where the kitchen is, or so they say.

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