7 Top Portals to Hire React JS Developers

7 Top Portals to Hire React JS Developers
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Since every new brand-like 'Like PayPal or stalwarts like 'Newyork Times and many others are using React.js to create their mobile applications, the demand to hire top React developers is rising rapidly. Also, it makes sense to switch to React technology because of its super successful advantages to businesses and React developers.

Let's explore top places to hire top React JS developers for your app development, which will help you build a top-of-the-line, great-performing team, and business and streamline your search for talented React developers.

The list that we have selected is shortlisted based on numerous factors, including:– 

  • Easy Hiring Process
  • Company's Workforce
  • Company's Clientele
  • They provide full-time and curated talent
  • Network of ReactJS developers
  • Company's brand credibility (based on the clients as well as employee ratings)

Places to Hire React Developer

Let's dive deep into the list of top platforms to hire ReactJS developers for your next project.

Your Team in India

Your Team in India is a renowned offshore development company that helps you hire dedicated React developers with the required skills per your project need. 

Your Team in India is the best place to hire top ReactJS developers remotely.

What is Your Team In India's Hiring Process?

They have two resource hiring models: 

  • 1. Hiring dedicated resource(s) or team: In this, you hire our own employees from them as per your project duration.
  • 2. Hiring your own resources(s) or team from YTII for your project (Build Operate Transfer): Your team In India helps you hire resources for your company's payroll by including your team in the hiring process. 

These resources do not belong to Your team In India (YTII), but they facilitate their hiring for your project, providing them the initial infrastructure to operate and then helping move them to your office infrastructure locally. 

Company's Workforce – 200+ 

Network of ReactJS developers – 200+

Your Team In India's Brand Credibility


This American enterprise and employment-focused service is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Microsoft. It has 630 million registered associates in 200 countries. It is primarily created for professional networking, where employers or recruiters post jobs and jobseekers post their resumes.

What is LinkedIn's Hiring Process?

A simple hiring page or group you can create where freelancers can see your latest job postings. In addition, you can directly send a personalized message that describes your hiring process and job requirement to the freelancers for the relevant projects. 

  • Connect with an expert and share your job requirements
  • Onboard the ReactJS developer. 

Company's Workforce – 50,000+ 

Network of ReactJS developers – 5,000+

  • Clutch– NA
  • Trustpilot– NA


Toptal platform aligns you with the world's top 3.5% of freelancers, including software developers, designers, programmers, product managers, and project managers. 

It ensures quality by putting candidates through difficult tests before registering their data on the web portal. If you are searching for experienced ReactJS developers with in-depth knowledge of web development, this is the right place for you.

What is Toptal's Hiring Process?

An easy 3-step hiring process. Toptal depends on a personalized matching process to align freelancers with relevant projects posted by clients. 

  • Connect with a dedicated software professional and share your requirements.
  • Get aligned with the right developer within 24 hours.
  • Onboard the ReactJS developer. (Toptal provides a trial period, i.e., pay only if satisfied to ensure that the new hire is the right fit.).

Company's Workforce – 4,500+ 

Network of ReactJS developers – 250+

Toptal's Brand Credibility

  • Clutch– 4.7/5
  • Trustpilot– 4.5/5


Hired is a fantastic platform that seamlessly connects you to developers. It is suitable for projects of any size since you can find devs of any skill level. It works best for short projects that need only individuals or a handful of team members.

The scalable pricing makes Hired suitable for most budgets.

What is Hired's Hiring Process?

  • Submit interview requests to React professionals that meet your requirements 
  • Make the best offer to the prospective React programmer.
  • If they accept it, you can begin working with them. 

Company's Workforce – 200+

Network of ReactJS developers – 70+

Hired's Brand Credibility

  • Clutch– NA
  • Trustpilot- 4.7/5


Turing is popular for making the remote hiring journey seamless for both enterprises and developers. With Turing, your organization can onboard pre-vetted, remote software developers across 100+ skills in 3–5 days.

What is Turing's Hiring Process?

 Turing 4-step hiring process consists of the following:

  • Set up a call to share your business requirements.
  • Get a list of pre-vetted candidates within days.
  • Interview and select from the pool of developers.
  • Start working with your new hire with a no-risk 2-week trial period.

Company's Workforce – 477

Network of ReactJS developers – 23

Turing's Brand Credibility

  • Clutch– NA
  • Trustpilot– 4.7/5


Arc.dev is a community consisting of 2k+ dedicated React freelancers worldwide. It is a sub-branch of the learning platform Code Mentor. 

They allow one project manager, especially for your specific project, and a shortlist of candidates who are available to attend an interview for trial runs.

After that, you get to work directly with the selected developer and be ensured of getting a quality outcome delivered absolutely on time.

What is Arc. Dev's Hiring Process?

The USP of Arc Dev's platform hiring process is that they are easily available. With them, you require only two rounds of interviews for a hiring manager to hire talent. Their hiring process consists of the following three steps.

  • Put a request to hire, sharing your business needs.
  • Interview the shortlisted prospects.
  • Hire and onboard for your following project requirement.

Company's Workforce – 78

Network of ReactJS developers – 5000+

Arc. dev's Brand Credibility


The Upwork marketplace was formed in 2015 by merging two freelance platforms, eLance, and oDesk. Currently, it ranks among the top two largest freelance marketplaces regarding the number of freelancers registered.

What is Upwork's Hiring Process?

A simple process with three easy steps to hire the best talent for your custom and long-term needs. 

  • Sign up and Review their portfolio and shortlist top matches.
  • Review and hire from the shortlisted candidates.
  • Choose your preferred interview time to share your project requirements with the prospect.

Company's Workforce – 70,000+

Network of ReactJS developers – 5000+

Upwork's Brand Credibility

  • Clutch– NA
  • Trustpilot– 4.5/5


Gun.io provides high-performing, 10,000 pre-vetted, and professional remote React developers and caters to many successful projects through their excellent teamwork and passion for development.

Gun.io opens an open call to freelancers, inviting the talented and brightest minds to be a part of Gun.io. One of their main specialties is React.js, and many of their React experts have worked with Twitter, Fox, and riot games.

A three-step hiring process that enables you to be onboard and extends team scalability. 

  • Choose from a vast pool of pre-vetted professionals
  • Working with them on a freelance basis before you permanently hire them for a long-term project.
  • When the candidate meets your project's requirements, you can hire and onboard them.

Company's Workforce – 90+

Network of ReactJS developers – 4000+

Gun-io Brand Credibility

  • Clutch– 0.5/5
  • Trustpilot- NA

What's Next?

These top websites may be a great option if you know the ins and out of hiring the best ReactJS developers that suit your project requirement. 

If you are still unsure how to hire quality developers and need help choosing the right one, you can go through the guide to hiring React JS developers to start your journey today.

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