A Coverlet or a Patchwork Bedspread: When Deciding How to Dress Your Bed

A Coverlet or a Patchwork Bedspread: When Deciding How to Dress Your Bed
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The bed is the furniture item that matters the most above all the others if you want your bedroom to be a haven from daily stress.

It's not enough to pick out a comfortable bed and mattress, though. The mood of a bedroom can be altered by how the bed is dressed, be it a simple white linen platform or voluminous patchwork bedspreads piled high with decorative pillows.

This article aims to help you master the practice of making your bed by explaining the distinction between coverlets and patchwork bedspreads and recommending one that will help your bed seem “put together”.

What Sets a Coverlet Apart From Patchwork Bedspreads
While at first glance they may seem identical, these two luxury bedding sets each have their own distinguishing characteristics that make them worthwhile additions to any bedroom. While the term "quilt" has become common parlance, "coverlet" is more commonly associated with the realm of exquisite linens and deluxe bedding, and hence may be unfamiliar to some.

What's a Coverlet?
Coverlets are the final layer of bedding; they are shorter and lighter than traditional bedspreads but thicker and cozier than modern duvets and comforters. Coverlets are an excellent choice for year-round use because they are lightweight enough for use in warmer locations and can be layered with warmer blankets and comforters in colder regions.

However, they only fall halfway to the ground, not all the way. In addition, unlike bedspreads, they typically aren't long enough to slip pillows under. A coverlet is a great option for people who prefer the luxurious feel and weight of a woven but don't care for the standard bedspread design.

What are Patchwork Bedspreads?
Bedspreads are floor-skimming bed coverings that are traditionally quilted. If you're looking for a more classic aesthetic in your bedroom and a more generously sized bed cover, a bedspread is a perfect choice. There is a wide range of thicknesses available, and they are typically layered with other bedding items.

Most of the patterns are developed in the style of patchwork, in which many patches are sewn together to form a collage with a vintage feel. Since they have little to no stuffing and are therefore lightweight and breathable, they are ideal for the spring and summer months.

The majority of quilts have vivid colors and cheerful flower patterns on every square. Quilts are multifunctional since they can be used as a decorative throw, a tabletop, or even as an extra layer of warmth on top of the bed. One of their most appealing qualities is their aesthetic appeal, which means they may do double duty as both a functional and attractive bed covering.

Warmth in Layers
It's common practice to use a bedspread and a blanket together to create a cozy sleeping environment.

For a long time now, patchwork quilts have been the standard for bedroom decor. Because they are so soft, warm, and insulating, many people no longer use top sheets when they make their beds. Instead, they stick to the tried-and-true combination of a fitted sheet and a quilt.

The bedspread may be easily pulled up and the bed can be made in a matter of seconds in the morning, which is one of the many benefits of this method of bed-making. Naturally, if you'd prefer, you are entirely permitted to use a top sheet with a quilt.

You may use a bedspread year-round because it's simple to add wool blankets in the winter and take them off in the summer. It also gives the bed a more fitted appearance than a simple coverlet would.

If you've settled on a patchwork quilt for your bed, you may find a wide variety of options for patchwork designs of bedspreads at LegacyDecor.com.

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