A Definitive Guide to Smart Contract Development Tools

A Definitive Guide to Smart Contract Development Tools
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Lately, influential businesses across various industries have indicated significant interest in blockchain technology. Pioneers in the industry hope to employ blockchain technology for their unique business use cases. One of the most crucial technological advancements in the blockchain space is smart contract development. Smart contract development tools are more than just tools for code compilation and deployment.

They really are necessary to maintain your project current and competitive.

In this quick guide, we explore a few of the most crucial smart contract development tools that decision-makers and smart contract developers must know about. 

Smart Contract Development Tools 

Smart Contract Language

The programming language that smart contract developers use to write the code is known as the smart contract language. It is one of the most important and fundamental steps in the process of developing smart contracts. The languages for smart contracts that you absolutely must know are:


The most preferred language to write smart contracts is the high-level object-oriented language Solidity. On the Ethereum network, "smart contracts" are programmes that control how accounts behave. In addition to inheritance, libraries, and advanced user-defined types, Solidity is statically typed. 


Vyper is an EVM language based on PYTHON. It is a contract-oriented programming language that makes it more developer-friendly by utilizing robust security, simple code readability, and compiler simplicity.


Although it can be used to deploy alternative chains like Terra and Solana and create blockchains like Polkadot, Rust can also run on Ethereum. 

Rust is the name of the performance-based language used outside of smart contracts. Because of its own model and extensive type system, developers may compile code more quickly by removing flaws.

Smart Contract Essentials

Here, we'll discuss the tools you should employ for your smart contract project development. Here, you're not required to select just one. All of these could be put to use if you'd like!

When discussing the best tools for smart contract development, libraries and oracles would also come up.

To integrate the particular functionality you need in a smart contract, you need to use these tools.

For instance, libraries can assist in the addition of new dApps, whilst oracles can assist in the acquisition of data necessary for the execution of smart contracts.

The best blockchain oracle for developing smart contracts is ChainLink, which enables smart contracts to transform into hybrid smart contracts. Oracles are used by around 50% of smart contracts as a key component of their architecture.

On the other side, all developers must have access to smart contract tools, such as libraries like OpenZeppelin. OpenZeppelin, the default library for the Solidity programming language, has packages for a variety of functionalities.

Using OpenZeppelin packages, you can install NFTs, DAOs, or upgradeable contracts to provide your smart contracts with new functionalities.

Frameworks for Deployment and Testing

Any developer's plan must include the use of smart contract frameworks. You may successfully test and implement your smart contracts thanks to them. A key component of success is having at least one.

The Top Ones

  • Brownie
  • Hardhat
  • DappTools

The Excellent Ones

  • Truffle
  • Apeworx
  • Foundry
  • Remix

The Alternatives

  • Web3j
  • Waffle
  • SBT-Ethereum
  • Embark
  • Saddle

The Non-EVM Ones

  • TerraSDK
  • Anchor

Monitoring and Maintenance Tools

Typically, developers utilize their own scripts for monitoring. On the other hand, well-known tools like OpenZeppelin's Tenderly and Defender can ensure developers' productivity increases. Both tools ensure the security of production code while still producing effective outcomes.

Front-end Development Tools

To enable a flexible and successful smart contract development project, front-end development tools are essential.

A developer's plan must include standard technologies like CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and frameworks like Angular or React.

Front-end development tools, on the other hand, help you add and improve new features to your smart contract apps.

Some examples of front-end development tools to generate smart contracts are Drizzle, UseDapp, Ethers.js, and Web3.js.

The Drizzle component of the Truffle Suite includes a variety of front-end technologies. The popular JavaScript frameworks Web3.js and Ethers.js, on the other hand, are popular for defining smart contract front-end functionalities.

Security Analysis Tools

The essential tools for developing smart contracts would include security analysis tools. Before uploading their code to the blockchain network, developers must be conscious of the requirement for audits. Security analysis tools help you find your application's vulnerabilities before releasing them into production.

New tools for creating smart contracts offer features that can make them safer, but developers must still use caution.

MythX, Manticore, and Slither are notable examples of security analysis tools for creating smart contracts. While MythX is a solid option for cloud-based bug testing, Slither is a useful tool for static analysis techniques.

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