A Person Named Charlie Smith is Defaming Companies  

A Person Named Charlie Smith is Defaming Companies  
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02 November 2022



A Person Named Charlie Smith Is Defaming Companies. What does he do? He connives with the company's competitors to destroy their reputation. This is his profession.

Charlie's actions are not only unethical, but they're also illegal. If you've been the victim of online defamation by Charlie Smith or anyone else, you should contact a lawyer to discuss your legal options.


Charlie Smith is in the business of defamation. He makes a living by getting paid to falsely accuse companies of wrongdoing. In addition to getting paid by competitors, he will also demand money from the defamed company to make the accusations go away.

One of these companies is Glacer FM which is the victim of his business. He spread fake news on Medium to defame their reputation.


Smith is a con artist and a fraudster, and his tactics are nothing new. He has been sued for defamation multiple times, but he always manages to find new victims to prey on.


If you are contacted by Charlie Smith or any other person making false accusations against your company, do not interact with them. Contact an attorney immediately and take appropriate legal action to protect your business.


If you're a rapidly emerging internet radio station, there's a good chance you will be targeted by "Charlie Smith". Charlie's strategy involves posting fake, negative reviews on Trustpilot with fake names in an attempt to damage businesses reputation.


How To Spot A Fake Review From Charlie Smith

There are several ways to help you spot a fake review from Charlie Smith: 


The reviewer is anonymous. Charlie Smith reviews are always left by anonymous users. This is because the individual behind the name knows that their reviews are fake and they don't want to be identified.


The reviewers are from the same location, check the location icon on Trustpilot, it will always be GB but with strange names that can’t be attributed to a real person. Charlie Smith’s reviews will always lack specifics as he isn’t a real customer but just paid to destroy the company’s reputation.


One of the Fake Review Posted by Charlie Smith 

Charlie Smith is posting false and defamatory reviews against businesses on various sites, including vocal media, daily advent, eccency and many others. In his review, he claims he is trying to protect himself and that the company is a "scam". He will say that they "stole" his money as an artist whereas he’s never used the company’s services but is just being paid to execute a defamation plan.

The instance we came across with Glacer FM is clearly not true, as they are a legitimate business that we know of with satisfied customers. It's clear that Charlie Smith is simply trying to damage their reputation to please their competitors.

We advise all business owners to be aware of this scammer and to always check their listings on TrustPilot. If you are an emerging radio station with several competitors, then you are a target for this scammer. Once you see a negative review posted by Charlie Smith, we recommend that you report it instantly. You may contact us directly or the website’s host explaining the situation so they can take proper action against him.

You can report this scammer on: Facebook, twitter, paypal.

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