Acknowledge the Easiest Way to Print Custom Stickers

Acknowledge the Easiest Way to Print Custom Stickers
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26 September 2022

For business owners who are necessarily concerned with brand awareness, custom stickers are ideal. This is because stickers are usually only useful to the end user who is opening the box. Stickers, by definition, are small and difficult to see when compared to custom tape or custom boxes. They may become distorted if stretched to a larger size. If you're more interested in promotional materials and giveaways, it's best to use custom-printed stickers. This allows you to use stickers on the physical box or inside the box.


Custom logo printed stickers are a simple way to promote your brand, allowing it to spread far and wide while providing a variety of ways to get your brand into the hands of your fans. From handing out stickers as an added bonus with a purchase to sharing them with new fans at any event or trade show that your brand hosts or participates in, stickers can be used in a variety of ways.


Including the sticker's style, size, and shape, these will speak for your brand once they are out in the world. Let's look at some types of custom logo stickers we recommend and things to think about if you're designing your stickers for the first time to help you get the most out of them.

Choosing Sticker Types That Go With the Logo and Brand Identity

Here are some additional suggestions for custom product labels:

Acknowledge the Easiest Way to Print Custom Stickers

Die Cut Stickers

This is a common type of sticker used for advertising and branding. Die Cut Stickers are available with glossy or matte lamination and are both outdoors durable. Glossy Die Cut Stickers are a classic choice. Matte Die Cut Stickers have a satin-like, low-glare finish that is ideal for vintage or traditional looks or simply adding some variety to your collection of designs to share. Both Matte and Glossy Die Cut Stickers have no visible backing and a crack and peel feature, making them simple for your fans to peel, stick, and love.

Clear Stickers

Clear Stickers are made of a crystal clear material and are printed on it, allowing you to see only your logo and designs. Designers can print the Clear Stickers with a layer of white ink behind your artwork for increased opacity in your designs. These are also a popular choice for window stickers because they can be printed with a front or back face adhesive, giving you the option of using these stickers on the outside or inside of a window.

Metallic Foil Sticker Printing

A metallic foil printing sticker is an excellent choice for adding a shimmering finishing touch that catches the eye and gives a premium appearance wherever they are affixed. These items are ideal for use on bottles, candles, and wedding stationery.

Acknowledge the Easiest Way to Print Custom Stickers

Laminating the stickers adds thickness, which provides additional protection and durability. The laminating process used for metallic foil sticker printing also gives the stickers a soft touch matt finish that is crisp and smooth and emphasizes your glossy foil highlights, allowing them to stand out and shine even more brightly.

Circle Roll Labels

Custom circle roll labels are an inexpensive and simple way to brand your product. Use on bottles, jars, boxes, packaging, and other items. Made of a long-lasting material with a laminate that is resistant to scratching, heat, water, and sunlight.

Transparent Printing Labels 

Clear printed stickers, when skillfully positioned, are an ideal solution for creating eye-catching product packaging; transparent labels also offer greater flexibility and lower entry-level costs than traditional screen printing (printing directly onto a bottle or jar); this is especially true for short to medium-print production runs.

Glossy White Labels

These labels help to bring out the best in any product. Because they are printed on white polypropylene, these labels provide a solid background for your design. This type of label is ideal if your artwork contains bright colors or if you want the label to stand out against dark products.

Kiss Cut Stickers

Kiss cut stickers are custom-designed stickers that peel away from the backing sheet, preventing the stickers from folding around the edges.

How to Create Custom Logo Stickers:

Custom stickers are a dynamic way to share your logo while also being creative in how you do so. You can share your entire logo or try extracting a design element from your logo to get your brand in front of your fans in another way. When you have fun with the designs on your custom stickers, your fans are likely to have fun with them as well and will be eager to stick them to something, sharing your logo and brand with others they meet along the way.



We have summarised that custom stickers are one of the quickest and easiest ways to get your brand to stick. People will also want to stick well-designed logo stickers to something they own. This empowers your brand and custom stickers to leave a lasting impression.

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