Aluma Coat Excellent Ceramic Protective Coating

Aluma Coat Excellent Ceramic Protective Coating
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Ceramic coatings must be free of surface defects and must be flexible enough to expand and contract with the base material without forming cracks. Aluma coat is a protective coating providing surface resistance to sliding abrasion, corrosion, and chemical attack except for hydrofluoric acid and temperature resistance up to 150ºC (302ºF). Aluma coat thixotropic, brushable/sprayable formulations permit both vertical and horizontal applications with simple hand tools. 

Aluma coat is excellent for any plant’s preventive maintenance program where abrasion & corrosion are chronic problems. There are several things to consider before choosing a Ceramic Protective Coating for your next project including the substrate material and properties, coating material, coating thickness, method of application, the type of part or component being coated, and, most importantly, environmental operating conditions.

Ceramic Protective Coatings have various Advantages:

They increase the lifetime of parts, prevent corrosion, reduce heat on high-temperature components, reduce friction, stop thermal and acidic corrosion and improve the appearance of surfaces. Although ceramic coatings have several advantages, they have some disadvantages as well: they are extremely brittle and hard to repair; de-bonding can occur during the expansion and shrinkage; corrosion easily forms at the cracks; they are heavier than organic coatings; and the coating involves additional equipment, supplies, and labor.

Ceramic coatings can provide high-performance oxide layers on metals and alloys to solve the problems of corrosion, wear, heat, insulation, and friction. Some ceramic coatings include thermal spray coating, plasma spray coating, sputter coating, dry-film lubricants, and other wet chemical and electrochemical coatings.

The thickness of ceramic films can range from 50 nm to several micron meters, depending on the application and coating processes. Recently, new nanoscale ceramic coatings, a diamond-like coating, boron nitride, and cerium oxide have been considered in metal and alloy coatings to produce promising high-temperature structural materials due to their excellent thermo-mechanical properties

Ceramic Protective Coating Quality

At Jyoti Ceramics, we believe our real work begins at the application stage in our customer’s workshop. Keeping this in mind, our dedicated Q.C team strives relentlessly to ensure optimum quality assurance and customer care.

There are numerous high-quality protective coatings on the market that can deliver according to industry requirements. Such coatings offer not only abrasion resistance but the best protection to almost all structures and equipment through various means like reducing friction and restoration of equipment.

Looking into this scenario Jyoti Ceramic has specially developed a ceramic-rich polymer-based coating compound. We are a trusted Ceramic Protective Coating supplier offering ceramic coating repair and services for your unique application.

This ceramic protective coating is specially formulated to protect structures in industrial settings against corrosion and damage. We are leading Ceramic Protective Coating manufacturers that build quality industrial ceramics for a variety of applications.

Jyoti Ceramic applies a variety of Ceramic Protective Coatings to reduce friction & extend the life of your application. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities or submit a ceramic coating project to get a complimentary resurfacing analysis.

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