An Analysis of a Traditional Pakistani Wedding

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18 October 2022

Few occasions are as fundamental to family life and long-established customs as a wedding, and each culture has its methods of celebrating a joyful occasion. Some of the ideals of a Pakistani wedding are rooted in the country's deeply held Islamic customs and beliefs. However, many other aspects of Pakistani weddings have been adopted from other cultures.

Few nations, if any, would celebrate a joyful wedding as enthusiastically as the people of Pakistan. For these households, the day will be filled with joy and anticipation, and everyone is invited to share in the celebrations.

Most Pakistani couples would celebrate their engagement with a Mangni ceremony before the wedding. During this time, many friends and family members of the soon-to-be-wed will gather to offer their prayers and blessings. Meanwhile, the Pakistani wedding's official date will be announced during this gathering. Although this ceremony is minor in scale, it is a long-standing custom that has great significance for both families involved.

Pakistani brides will have to wait till May is celebrated before they may be seen in their stunning traditional wedding gowns. For the most part, most families in this nation still follow this age-old tradition. There is a period (usually between 8 and 15 days) during which the bride-to-be is not allowed to leave her house. She is hidden away from everyone, even her future husband and his family, while she spends this time perfecting her appearance for the big day.

The bride would be covered in a herbal paste called Upton every day during her time of seclusion. Aromatic sandalwood, turmeric, and other oils and botanicals go into making this herbal combination. The "Upton" is obtained by the bridegroom's mother and then delivered to the bride's house. The groom's mom and his sisters get to rub this fragrant ointment all over the bride's hands and face. The bride's mom and sisters will do the same customary rite for the future bridegroom.

The Henna Party is a staple of practically every culture's bridal celebration, and it has been adopted by women all over the world. This custom is formally known as Racism E Mehndi and takes place the day before the wedding. At this point, the bride-to-hands and feet will be decorated with henna in a traditional design. Although there is a ceremonial feast after the henna application, the bride does not partake and keeps her face covered with a veil out of respect for the henna.

The groom, together with his relatives and friends, organizes a baraat, or parade, on the day of the wedding. When this Baraat finally reaches the bride's house, the happy couple and their guests are greeted by the bride's loved ones.

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