Pakistani Wedding Dresses: All you need to Know

Pakistani Wedding Dresses: All you need to Know
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Beautiful bridal dresses created by Pakistani designers are well-known all over the world. These understated wedding gowns and dresses by Maria B., Asim Jofa, Bin Saeed, Sada Bahar and many more reflect the various nations' special traditions and marriage-related ceremonies. In Pakistan, weddings include pre-wedding events like Maayoun and Mehndi and the customary yet fundamental Baraat and Walima ceremonies.

First Things First

Contrary to their names, pre-wedding activities still play a significant role in the wedding. They are a custom component and symbolise the bride and groom's families' affection and good energies. The upper-middle- and top-class families have gradually added new events to the pre-wedding festivities. Shendi and Shalima are the most well-liked of the newly added events, creating a sensation nationwide.

The New Events

If Shendi and Shalima are a part of Pakistani culture or merely a fad, foreigners are curious to know. The choice is ultimately up to the couple and their families, though. Given that the younger generations don't care about traditions and customs, these new celebrations are just another justification for spending more time and having more fun with loved ones on special occasions.

An Explanation of Pakistani wedding attire

You should only be worried about the following list of straightforward but puzzling questions: How will you dress for these occasions? Where will you purchase your Pakistani wedding gowns? In such cases, the following comprehensive guide will assist you in deciding which Pakistani wedding dresses, such as bridal gowns for barat, simple wedding dresses by Maria B., and more, to wear to each of the previous occasions. So keep reading if you want to slay and stand out from the crowd during your loved ones' wedding.

The Things You Should Know About Pakistani Bridal Dresses

Pakistani wedding attire by Bin Saeed and Asim Jofa is exquisitely distinctive and reflects the nation's varied culture and traditions. These fantastic dresses have amazing designs, wonderful accessories, brilliant colours and sparkling embellishments.

A Pakistani wedding is a grand celebration that often comprises many activities, each taking place on a different day. Therefore, the bride and everyone else should dress differently daily for the guests' enjoyment.

At Mehendi and Maayoun, people dress in green and yellow. On Baraat, reds are popular, whereas lighter hues are worn at Walima. Makeup is elegant and attractive without being over the top. Before the big event, Baraat, it is preferable to keep things simple. Although basic wedding dresses from Sada Bahar are always an option, people choose a simple Barat dress for the bride.

Pakistani wedding dress varieties

Islam has a significant cultural impact on Pakistan. As a result, the customs are stunning while maintaining a unique air of humility. Pakistani wedding dresses are to be admired for their ingenuity and rich heritage. They include delicate detailing on vivid tones of opulent fabric.

Here is a comprehensive breakdown of the different types of designer wedding dresses you can wear to the wedding of a loved one.

Angrakha Style Frocks

Traditional clothing typically worn at Mehendi takes a very adaptive form in the form of dresses in the Angrakha style. These dresses are the kind of clothing that is always in fashion. It combines elements of both Indian and Pakistani cultures. You can never screw yourself up with these.

A long tassel that runs down the intricate embroidery is an angrakha style frock's distinguishing characteristic. But, of course, adding different accents or threadwork is entirely up to you. In their most recent collections of Pakistani bridal dresses, companies like Maria B. have included angrakha-style dresses.

Pishwas-Style Frocks

One of Pakistan's most gorgeous and traditional wedding dresses is the Pishwas style. Almost all well-known celebrities and models have embraced the look, which has been popular for a long time.

Gharara Style

A popular Lucknow attire known as a sharara or gharara consists of a pair of wide-legged trousers that end at the knees. Given its many uses, it is a must-have attire for weddings. Gharara trousers by Asim Jofa go well with a simple blouse or a dress with a peplum. You will look fashionable and attractive no matter what you pair it with.

Lehengas & cholis

A lehenga choli will always be in style. It is the style of Pakistani wedding dress that we choose. When spinning, a lehenga choli makes you stand out and the centre of attention while making you feel like a princess.

There are no restrictions on the materials, accents, or embellishments that can be utilised in Vishwas-style dresses from Sada Bahar, which is its best feature. Regardless of the cloth used, the finished product looks excellent.

Gold Glam

Many well-known companies, including Shomi Official, have given their collections of wedding dresses a golden sheen. It can be mixed with different colours to enhance the beauty of your golden wedding attire. Almost all of the above designs work well with golden tones. Whether it's a gharara or a lehenga choli, a touch of gold completes the look.

Do Affordable Designer Wedding Dresses Exist?

Your overall personality can be seen through your clothing. The bride is the centre of attention at the wedding. Therefore she should dress properly. It is a universal custom for the bride to present her best self on the most important life occasion. This question has a straightforward solution.

In Pakistan, you may purchase affordable designer wedding gowns from companies like Shomi Official. Simple wedding dresses, barat gowns for brides, and other options are available. Let's look at what Shomi Official has in store for you.

Collection by Shomi Official

The Barat attire for the bride dominates the overall aesthetic of Pakistani weddings. The talented designers in the area have eventually mastered producing works of art with intricate embroideries and embellishments. But the family paid a fortune for these outfits, just as it might sound. Designer labels like Shomi Official are available to us in this situation in which every brand is covered, including Asim Jofa and Maria B. Affordable yet stunning Pakistani wedding dresses from Shomi Official enable their brides to stand out and appear they're most beautiful.

Key Takeaway

Bridal gowns created by Pakistani designers are renowned in 2023. Wedding traditions and culture are reflected in these bridal attires. In addition to Baraat and Walima, Pakistani weddings feature Maayoun and Mehendi.

Despite their name, pre-wedding activities are a part of the wedding. Both are conventional and display the affection between the relatives of the bride and the groom. Throughout time, upper-middle-class and affluent families have incorporated more pre-wedding activities. The most popular newly launched events are Shendi and Shalima.

Outsiders are curious as to whether Shalima and Shendi are fashionable or traditional. The couple and their relatives choose the wedding. Traditions and practises are of no interest to the younger generations. The current occurrences, in our opinion, are simply a chance to spend more time and have more fun with.

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