An Open Letter To Pressure Washer Manufacturers

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Dear pressure washer manufacturers, first of all it is befitting to open this letter by thanking you for creating and continuing to develop one of the most useful home appliance of our times. Washers are important to us as home owners. They help us to do our day to day chores more efficiently and with great precision compared to some 20 or so years ago. Due to your commitment to research we see each year on the market newer and better machines building on the last ones. Thank You!

However, I have a few things to say about the state of the washer machines marketplace. First of all I do appreciate that competition is stiff. Since we home owners fell in love in our millions with the products that you create we see that this has on your side opened a great window of opportunity to make a lot of money. Many more pressure washer manufacturers have emerged in recent years due to the lucrative market of washer machines, I presume. Here are some options for the top-quality Stainless Steel Washers Manufacturer.

I note with great sadness how things have turned out due to this stiff competition. Overall it is no longer guaranteed that what your marketing information says is what can be expected of any given washer machine. It would appear that much of the information in your product infomercials is to say the least misleading. As consumers of your otherwise great products we are happy nevertheless to say there are still many of you in the industry who are honest and who give accurate description and claims about their respective washer machines.

We are looking forward to pressure washing machines that last much longer yet at a lower price. At the moment it would appear lower priced models are built to last for a very short time. It would appear with the under $100.00 machines it is a matter of one and at most two years before you need a complete replacement.

Many of them tend to develop a lot of problems early in their work life. As your research and development continues to tap into new technology we sincerely hope you will be able to continue developing better pressure washers especially for us home users. We hope someday we will be able to have a robust machine for home use which at the same time does not cost much.

Lastly, I kindly ask that you work to remove from store floors the poorly rated models as soon as possible. You may consider seriously and consistently using user reviews on Amazon and other such sites to better certain models as well as disbanding some altogether. The best performing ones keep out here on the market a little longer so that us home owners may enjoy the best of products that you create.

The author is an experienced researcher and writer on home appliances. He has also written extensively on Fantom steam cleaner and Haan steamers.

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