Barcode Label vs. QR Code: When & Where to Use

Barcode Label vs. QR Code: When & Where to Use
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21 November 2023

The quantity of information that QR codes can store passes the information to the user. The different types of tools are needed to read the information available on barcode labels and QR codes. Today, barcode labels are used to track the majority of things. But QR codes are also the sophisticated version of barcodes.

Both have codes on them that deliver the details. But have you ever wondered why they both are used differently? Let’s discover the why, when and where the differences arise in barcode labels and QR codes.

Barcode Label & QR Code Overview

It implies that far more data can be stored in QR codes. It contains more characters than barcodes. QR codes can be read from any angle. Barcodes must be in line to scan properly, they are considerably easier to read.

At first sight, this might not seem like a big speciality, but when you have a lot of product details to scan then barcode can save your time. On the other hand, there is fact that QR codes function even when they are readable with unclean or poorly printed is another substantial feature.

Furthermore, you can still read QR codes even though they are up to ten times smaller than barcodes. Both of them have some error correction levels even though they can scan and have 7% to 30% readability. Similar to these, there are some differences between are available to examine. 

Barcodes vs. QR Codes: Key Differences

Although there is a great deal of new technology available, barcodes and QR codes are still common options for asset tracking, and scanning for payment and details. In that case, what differentiates both have? Let’s understand:

  • Aside from the most obvious one is their appearance.
  • The way they store information is different.
  • Data stored by barcodes in a single dimension are horizontally represented.
  • QR codes can hold data in two dimensions horizontally and vertically.

Still, there is the most crucial query remains. Which type of code is preferable for tracking barcode labels or QR codes?

Which is Better, Barcode Tracking or QR code Tracking?

Using the information from the previous section, one could easily conclude that QR codes are a much better tracking and scanning. The solution may be more complicated than it first appears. Everything is dependent on your unique point of you and the thing in which you are using QRs. There's no reason to transition to QR codes right now if you're already utilizing the barcode method and it works well for you.

Indeed, it may not even be worth the trouble to make that adjustment because it would be too costly, time-consuming, and labour-intensive. Additionally, the kind of assets you wish to track will influence your choice of solutions. For example, consider cables. It would be preferable to utilise barcodes in this situation because QR codes are very difficult to read on thin and rounded items.

Nevertheless, there are a few reasons why QR codes are superior to barcodes. First of all, they fit on practically every asset. They can hold a lot more data, which is useful for asset tracking in the construction sector, where the asset is getting more intricate and complicated.

Additionally, construction sites are infamous for being messy and filthy, with heavy machinery operating constantly and people constantly on the move. For this reason, a more powerful solution is required by creating a smoother process. So QR codes are better options in such cases.

Final Thought

The barcode labels are more adaptable than QR codes, which most industries are choosing to go for. With this label, you can simply accomplish more and more information quickly. Also, the greater adaptability included in QR codes. It is more practical for a variety of applications than barcodes, which are primarily used for basic product information. 

Utilising all that barcode labels have to present details, analysis, and more is a significant step toward updating the tracking, tracing, and further communication that businesses and consumers can accomplish.

Panda Paper Roll can help with any kind of demand in creating smooth, reliable, and easily recognizable labels for any industry which includes the capacity to generate codes for more extensive information.

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