Best 10 Secure Messaging Apps For 2023!

Best 10 Secure Messaging Apps For 2023!

Gone are the days when you tie a note in the pigeon's foot to convey a message because this era that we live in is the period of digitalization. Meaning, everything we see or touch around is digitalized. From selling products virtually to connecting with friends and families via messaging apps to scheduling appointments with physicians, everything has turned to the online mode. Let us say it for a good purpose!

But, what's annoying with everything going online, or specifically with messaging apps is the lack of security or the standards to keep one's chat safe from prying and illegal eyes. Because be it office gossip or a confidential pin or opening up our feelings, we do not want someone to keep an eye on us or use our chats for imbibing ads.

And the worst part is that these days even the governing agencies are sniffing into private organizations' chats for information. So, the only solution for this is by using secure messaging appsIn the blog post below, we will see the top 10 best secure chat programs of 2023 that may come in handy for you.

Before that, Notable Features One Sees In A  Private Chat Messaging App

While security and privacy come as the better halves in distinguishing the ultra-techy and best secure messaging app, any chat application without them is pointless, idle, and impractical. Hence, we have compiled a list of features that a messaging app should have.


Must-have Features  

E2E Mechanisms

Different communication modes like chat, voice, and video

Compatible across devices and platforms like Web, Android, iOS, and desktop.

Good-to-have Features

Open source protocol

Encrypted GIFs and stickers

Option to self-destruct messages at a point

With the features section covered, the next prime topic is,

What does it mean to say Secure Messaging?

Basically, secure messaging is an approach to provide security over your data. That is, a means to protect your sensitive data from any type of attack or hacking using different qualifying elements like encryption, communication modes, and platform compliance. Yes, these are the must-have features that we discussed above and we'll quickly see what each means here.

  • Platform Compatibility: 

Compatibility across devices or platforms or multi-platform support allows messaging apps to sync data across mobile devices, web applications, and desktop platforms. In this way, a user can delete info from other devices and store it in one common place thus proving it to be an efficient type of upping data privacy.

  • Multi-mode Communication: 

This mode allows users to send messages in formats like text, audio, or videos to recipients. When a secure messaging app allows for different content modes, users can delete whatever messages they feel are not required. 

Fact: Did you know that the best way to build a chat app with multiple modes is by using chat APIs or video calling APIs? Trust me, it works wonders and helps launch chats in minutes.

  • End-to-end Encryption:

Establish a secure two-way chat between sender and receiver with E2E encryption standards. Adding this mechanism using a messaging API makes chats confidential from third parties, internet service providers, app makers, and government agencies. 

At present, this is the safest feature to include in any secure messaging app. In case, the app you go ahead with doesn't include this, we advise you to doom them. 

Finally, here we are to discuss some of the best private chat messaging apps of the upcoming year. 

And wait, if you wish to learn more about how a chat or messaging API comes of great help to developers, here's a short glimpse

Most Sought-After Secure Messaging Apps Of 2023

When it comes to providing data privacy, security, and safety, there are multiple viable options available in the market. Not all offer the best they speak of. So, we have ranked and noted the 10 best secure chat programs or simply contenders competing to provide end-to-end encrypted chats. 

Our first take on the list is,

  1. Signal: The Best Secure Messaging App For All

Being titled the best secure messaging app of 2022, this app will surely be the most-searched one by users because of the encrypted communication that it uses. Apart from this, it is easy to use, comes free of cost, is built with privacy-preserving technology, and has an open-source framework. Numerous features make it stand out, to sight some, group calls, archive functionality, and media transfers, that do not make use of any credential or PIN. 

Main highlights of this messaging app

  • Open source
  • Encrypted stickers
  • Group chats and calls
  • Option to self-destruct messages
  • Both SMS and MMS fees are as per provider’s network connection
  • Media services

What is the cost of this platform?

As it is open-source, it is free to use.

Its user base count

Though the number of users signed up to Signal is not mentioned in their website, as per data from Playstore, the app has been downloaded by 5 million people.

  1. iMessage: Best Private Chat Messaging App For iOS

The next one on our list is one of the best secure chat programs for iOS devices, iMessage, which is mightily used by iPhone users because of its comprehensive suite of features and E2E encryption mechanisms. It achieves deadly security by letting users take complete control of data like how long the message should be available to read and who should be able to view it. Maybe, it is these, that make it a hardcore secure messaging app. 

But, as there are positives, the downfall is the cloud option that has a risk of being entitled to third-party intrusions. Because the cloud data is encrypted by Apple and if someone tries to sneak into its cloud, there is a high possibility of messages getting exposed. 

Main highlights of this messaging app

  • Muting and notification
  • Blocking and unblocking contacts
  • Allows customizing message settings
  • Read receipts
  • GIFs, emojis, animations, and more
  • iCloud for backing up iMessages
  • Options to quit group chats

What is the cost of this platform?

This platform is free to use. 

Its user base count

Nearly 1.3 billion+ users 

  1. Telegram: Most Secure Chat Provider

If there is a chat app that is known to strive for security, then it has to be Telegram for sure. This secure messaging app is trusted by a large horde for its dedication to offering tight safety from third-party attacks. The application does this job in a hassle-free way by incorporating 'secret chats' functionality that automatically destructs messages after a certain period from all connected devices. Thus giving an empty screen for hackers.

It is the sole chat application that makes use of the different elements that we discussed in the feature section, compatibility across devices, and multimode communication.

Main highlights of this messaging app

  • Open messaging APIs and protocols
  • Option to self-destruct messages and channels
  • Supports collaboration with 200k members
  • Supports unlimited file size and formats
  • Ensure smooth delivery of messages with global edge infrastructure

What is the cost of this platform?

It is completely free to use and the best part is that it does not give way for ads.

Its user base count

Telegram has a fanbase of over 200 million users worldwide.

  1. Wire: Secure & Private Chat Messaging App for Android & iOS

Yet another category of the best secure chat app, Wire's prime target, and vision has been in providing seamless end-to-end encryption in safeguarding user data like texts, images, videos, and audio calls. Rather than using a single key for encryption that has a higher chance of getting compromised, it makes use of different keys for every to and fro of messages. 

Also, Wire is an open protocol and gives a chance to developers to inspect the code and improve via GitHub. It is transparent and is constantly working in the background to see for any malfunctions. 

Main highlights of this messaging app

  • Group chats, calls, and conferencing
  • Open source making it free
  • Easy to share files to users
  • Allows setting timers for conversations
  • Presence indicators

What is the cost of this platform?

If you are an individual then the app is free to use but it comes with a paid option for large corporates and organizations with ads in-built.

Its user base count

Includes nearly 100k+ DAU (daily active users).

  1. Threema: One Of The Best Secure Chatting App

We already saw a private chat messaging app in our list, didn't we? Then, this is our second that prides itself on restricting metadata. Meaning, Threema's servers do not store any messages after it is delivered to the recipient, but a local copy is maintained in the user's device for reference. This way, it protects from the eavesdropping of content. Also, there is no design fallback when it comes to decryption. 

Plus, the chat app supports multiple layers of security for authentication or sign-up by making use of email addresses or phone numbers. 

Main highlights of this messaging app

  • Polls and checklists
  • QR codes to scan contact lists
  • Highly password protected
  • Easy creation of distribution lists

What is the cost of this platform?

Will not say costly but comes with a price of $2.99.

Its user base count

Has a count of over 4.5 million subscribers.

  1. WhatsApp: Leader of All Secure Messaging Apps

Maybe, oh no, for sure, this is the chat platform that rose to shine for smooth and easy real-time messaging with friends and families. Be it for an official group chat or a fun chat with colleagues or simply a video call, WhatsApp is there on everyone's mobile device. Completely compatible across devices and platforms, this chat portal, though rattled for security issues at the beginning, is now transformed into a whole new secure messaging app.

It is free to use, does not store any data on its server, is protected with top encryption mechanisms, and does not support keys to view any encrypted messages. What's unique in them is the choice it gives to users to remove their content from cloud servers. But, there is one drawback, this chat app is dependent on a huge tech company and can be of risk on security matters. But its positives outnumber the negatives.

Main highlights of this messaging app

  • Supports multiple modes of communication
  • Group chats, voice calls, conferences, audio messages
  • GIFs, emojis, stickers, animations
  • Shows users online with presence indicators
  • Read receipts and delivery receipts
  • Supports sharing content to over 256 users at once

What is the cost of this platform?

Completely free to use.

Its user base count

Has a huge base of over 1.5 billion users and the count is increasing every minute.


  1. Wickr Me: Yet Another Secure Private Messaging Chat App

Recognized for offering die-hard security to users, Wickr Me is one of the best secure messaging apps that is slowly gaining popularity among users. This chat app is a bit unique from the rest. Though they support real-time chats, videos, sharing images, and audio calls, it is known widely to be a collaborative tool for their sharing capability, like, screens, statuses, locations, and more. 

However, Wickr Me does not avail any user's private information like an email address or phone number during registration for security reasons. Additionally, this messaging app makes use of protocols like PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy) and 2FA (Two Factor Authentication). 

Main highlights of this messaging app

  • Search functionality for searching messages or files
  • File and image sharing made easy
  • Screen sharing with safety not compromised
  • Allows to self-destruct messages
  • Retains messages up to 30 days after deleting
  • Supports messaging APIs to build chat app on own

What is the cost of this platform?

  • Basic plan – Free
  • Silver – $4.99
  • Gold – $9.99
  • Platinum – $25

Its user base count

The data on the user count is not mentioned anywhere.


  1. Viber: Most Safe & Best Secure Chat Programs

More than just messaging, Viber is also into voice and video chats offering smooth and buffer-free calls with less downtime. Besides letting users engage in conversation, the chat app also helps them express their feelings with emojis, GIFs, and stickers.

The portal also gives users an idea of whether their messages or chats are secure or not in three different colors

  • Red indicates that the contact is a potentially unreliable person to start a conversation with.
  • The Grey color depicts that the chat is secure but the contact does not fall under the trusted category.
  • The Green color shows that both the contact and chat are safe and sound.

Main highlights of this messaging app

  • Options to retrieve deleted messages
  • One-to-one and group chats and calls
  • Chats with unlimited users
  • HD quality video calls
  • Stickers, GIFs, and emojis

What is the cost of this platform?

Completely free to use.

Its user base count

Has a huge base of over 1 billion plus users.


  1. Silence: Budding & Best Secure Messaging Apps


One of the best secure chat apps that besides providing real-time texts, offers SMS and MMS modes of communication too. This ultimately means that you can send a message to anyone even if they are not connected to the internet. The app's developers make it a routine to closely and frequently monitor the functionality of the app in terms of security. 

Finally, Silence does not take any information like email addresses or contact numbers for issues relating to security. 

Main highlights of this messaging app

  • Open source
  • Supports local encryption of chats
  • Does not require internet connection
  • Restricts taking screenshots

What is the cost of this platform?

Free to use

Its user base count

Not available


  1. Line: Private Chat Messaging App Growing In Numbers

Established in the year 2011 post the Tohoku earthquake, Line saw its beginning by a group of Japanese engineers as a means to communicate during such mishaps. But, later grew to become one of the best secure chat apps in town. Built with a unique and different infrastructure, this chat app is compatible across smartphone devices and desktop platforms and uses the concept of 'Letter Sealing' for E2E encryption. 

To use this feature, one must manually turn on the mode. 

Main highlights of this messaging app

  • Allows sharing images, voice, and video data on timeline
  • HD video calling and conferencing
  • OpenChat forum for grouping with like minded people
  • Shake It” feature to send friend requests
  • Letter sealing
  • Repository of over 1000 stickers

What is the cost of this platform?

Free to use.

Its user base count

Close to over 700 million users.

Gosh! That was a lot to take in. I completely understand but the list that we spoke of, did it really help in analyzing the best secure messaging app?

Which of the above messaging apps is the most secure?

This has to be given a thought. Because, messaging apps like Wire, iMessaging, Threema, and Signal help in integrating messaging protocols to ensure strict security mechanisms, and all are open-source platforms. 

But, they may have some demerits like they cannot be customized, features are limited, and user interactions can be a hurdle for quite a lot. In such a case, the best option would be to build your own secure messaging app using chat APIs. Because it is the period of API evolution that helps in adding critical elements for smooth and instant real-time chats between peers and users. 

And to my thought, MirrorFly's chat APIs are outstanding when it comes to providing niche messaging experiences. 

So, didn't find the best-fit, right? Simply opt for MirrorFly's chat APIs!

Throughout this blog, we understood that security is the prime concern when it comes to chats or messages. Therefore, it is necessary to opt for a provider that has hands-on experience in the security hygiene parameter. We could think of none more than MirrorFly which has a long-standing experience in delivering exceptional chat features to developers with its 100% customizable APIs

Here's a list of reasons that makes it lovable to build your own secure messaging app with APIs:

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful and rich chat features
  • Multiple layers of security with AES encryption and paywalls
  • SaaS-based payment model and on-cloud infrastructure
  • Best scalability with low downtime
  • Quick integration and complete control of customizations

Salut - Bidding Bye!

Like a complete combo, a secure messaging app mustn't focus on security alone but must include features and aesthetics that would draw users close to using the app more. So, the list we saw in the post may promise you the required encryption but your focus should also be on what makes a chat platform unique like we discussed the merits of  MirrorFly. So, all the best for choosing the right messaging app!

Like what you were reading and interested in our chat APIS? Write to us about what made you feel wowed and sign up to get our expert support to build your own secure messaging app. 

In case you have found a mistake in the text, please send a message to the author by selecting the mistake and pressing Ctrl-Enter.

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