Best Canadian VPN for Gaming, Streaming, and more in 2022

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Are you in search of the top Canadian VPN service? Well, we have what you're looking for. If you're looking for an account that happens to have some good servers in Canada, or someone who wants to sign up to one with its headquarters in Canada, we've got a list of recommendations for you.

These Canadian VPN services can protect your personal information while you surf the internet and can also help to improve the speed of your connection by limiting artificial slowdown from your internet service provider (ISP) when you are using a lot of bandwidth. Additionally, they all have dedicated servers based in The Great White North.

If you're a Canadian citizen and want to connect to these VPNs, they are very useful to connect to your home country while travelling across the globe. We have recommendations for VPNs that are safe and allow you to access your internet banking accounts from outside. Additionally, if you just want to use the fastest VPN to prevent your internet service provider (ISP) from slowing down your internet connection, then we have a suggestion for that too.

The most reliable Canadian VPN services include:

TunnelBear – one of the best ExpressVPN in Canada and the best choice for Canadian servers CyberGhost. Streaming NordVPN is the best option for speed Surfshark. Try a free trial

1. The top VPNs in Canada

TunnelBear is our pick for the top Canadian VPN. This is because it is one of few VPN providers that actually located in Canada. This will be an appealing to any Canadian users looking for the service to be that is based in their country of origin.

TunnelBear offers a no-logs policy to ensure that it doesn't track your online activity. It also has over 2,600 servers across more than 49 countries. Its server range might not be quite as broad as others, and it only allows up to five simultaneous connections, but it's the ideal choice if you're looking to use the service to be located in Canada. Additionally, it also offers the option of a free VPN plan for those who doesn't want to pay for a subscription.

2. The best VPN with Canadian servers

ExpressVPN is our choice for the most reliable VPN service that has servers in Canada. This VPN service is one of the top of the VPN industry. It has servers in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver as well as 3,000 more in various other locations across the world.

A significant aspect of what makes ExpressVPN such a popular VPN provider is that it updates the IP addresses of its servers at a faster rate than many of its competitors. Additionally, it employs several different protocols, and then determines which is the best for your network in order to ensure maximum performance. Although it's among the more expensive VPNs, it could be worth it if you've got the budget.

3. The most reliable VPN to stream in Canada

CyberGhost is our top choice if you are looking to access Canadian streaming services from any part of the world. We believe it's the most reliable streaming VPN due to its compatibility with all major streaming services. However, CyberGhost is particularly suitable for Canada because it has 486 servers.

If you're unsure about whether you're ready to commit to a VPN service, you may test the CyberGhost VPN trial for free. If you aren't in the mood or have the patience to wait, CyberGhost VPN provides a 45-day money-back guarantee. It gives you a month and half to request a full refund.

4. The fastest VPN for Canada

NordVPN has done a great job of cementing its position as the primary VPN service for a large number of users which is due in part to the fact that it is truly one of the fastest VPN services available. It might be able improve your connection speeds with an average download speed of 65.79Mbit/s from its servers.

NordVPN has hundreds of servers across Canada which makes it a great choice for anyone looking for a speedy Canadian IP. To add a cherry on top of the privacy pie, it uses the WireGuard Protocol, which enables it to secure your data more quickly than many of its competitors.

5. Canada's best VPN with a no-cost trial

It makes sense to want to try out the VPN before deciding to commit to it for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, a lot of major providers do not offer an initial trial for free, but with Surfshark, you can get a whole week for free. Rsps This gives you ample time to get to know the program, ensure that it does what you need and determine whether it's worth the cost.

It has servers with servers in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. This makes it an ideal choice for anyone who is looking for an Canadian connection point. Surfshark's strength is its capacity to provide unlimited simultaneous connections. This means that a single subscription could easily cover your entire household.

This list was compiled by carefully analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of each VPN provider and then comparing them with VPN users' requirements and connections to Canada. TunnelBear is our top choice for the best VPN provider in Canada. However, all the other providers offer excellent services with servers in Canada. Whatever your requirements are we're sure that at the very least one of these options will meet your needs.

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