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Leader — Autonomous or Heteronomous

To what extent can leaders go to modify their motivations, behaviours, and actions? Go in-depth in this interesting read by Giuseppe Ando

Top 8 HR Challenges in the Retail Sector — and How to Solve Them

For HR professionals in the retail sector, general challenges took a back seat as newer & urgent ones emerged, so here’s an exploration of HR challenges in the Retail sector — and how they can be solved

Top 5 HR Challenges in the Education Sector — and How to Address Them
Teacher shortage, top educator retention, communication barriers, etc are some HR challenges in the education sector, learn how HR software can help

Top 6 HRIS in The Philippines in 2023
Here are the top 6 HRIS in the Philippines in 2023 to practice holistic people management in the Philippines, click here to know more

Top 6 Human Resource (HR) Software in Malaysia in 2023
As an effort to aid organisations in selecting a well-suited HR software, we’ve handpicked top HR software in Malaysia 2023 which you should be considering

40 Top Interview Questions and Answers in 2023
It is time for you to start throwing curveballs and actually give job candidates the opportunity to demonstrate their skills. Here are the 40 top interview questions to refresh your interview arsenal

Top 6 HR Management Software in Indonesia
In this blog, we will discuss some of the best HR software in Indonesia in 2023 that you should consider using, Click to know more

The 10 Most Creative Resumes that helped people land their dream jobs
How do you tackle the problem of getting your resume noticed by the right people? Two words — Creative Resumes! Here’s a look at some of what we considered were the most creative resumes out there

Which HR Reindeer are you? : Take the Quiz to find out!
With the holiday season around the corner, it’s the most wonderful chaotic time of the year for HR. Take our quiz to find out which HR reindeer you are!

How to calculate the ROI of an ATS?
Gain a deeper understanding of the financial and emotional impact that an optimized ATS can have on your hiring process. Explore expert tips and techniques for measuring ROI, and witness the empowering effect it can have on your talent acquisition efforts

Top 7 HR Software in New Zealand in 2023
Here’s our handpicked version of the top HR software in New Zealand in 2023 you should be considering for solving your hr challenges, click here to read more

What is the role of the only HR person in a startup?

Startups usually start their people management journey with an HR team of one. Let’s help you truly determine the role of the only HR person in a startup. Here are five lessons to follow.

Team building without time wasting

Read this blog to take a look at how you can implement a parallel approach to team building to help leaders build teamwork without wasting time

peopleHum’s HR Analytics Newsletter — August 2022

Our freshest blogs, a collection of great reads, podcasts, videos and more, freshly picked and curated for you. Catch up with what’s been happening in the world of HR and People Analytics, with peopleHum’s August 2022 newsletter.

March 2022 Product Updates: What’s New at peopleHum

Welcome to peopleHum’s March version of product updates. Here’s a short roundup on the exciting new features, added to our existing people management tools.

Top 6 HR Management Software in Turkey in 2023

As an effort to aid organisations in selecting a well-suited HR software, here’s our handpicked version of the top HR software in Turkey you should be considering

Top 10 HR trends to watch for in Lebanon in 2023

After the events that rocked Lebanon, businesses and HR are gearing up to transform the way they operate. These are the HR trends to watch for in Lebanon in 2023

The Biggest Mistake Made in Employee Engagement

Here is the biggest mistake made in employee engagement If you haven’t figured it out yet, here’s a read that presents Marshall Goldsmith’s views

Antifragile Businesses: Transforming Uncertainty and Change into Competitive Advantage

Discover how businesses can not only survive but thrive in times of uncertainty and change by adopting antifragile strategies. What are the main characteristics that distinguish anti-fragile firms from others?

Top 5 HR software in Zimbabwe for 2023

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