Best programming Languages for Android App Development

Best programming Languages for Android App Development
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Best programming Languages for Android App Development

Android applications have been known to be a crucial part of our daily lives. Today, most companies are accessible online and also have Android apps for their users. If it is able to see your email listening to music and text someone or even place an order for food or other items all of this is possible thanks to apps. In this article, we'll be discussing some of the most effective programming languages that Android can use for Mobile app development.

About Programming Language

Programming languages allow you to communicate or interact with your device or system. Computers, as we all know are able to comprehend binary only at the level of machines, i.e., 0s and 1s. To convert our instructions to a machine-understandable language, we need a programming language. Programming language plays an important function in communicating and performing the desired actions on a system or device.

If you think of Android devices, rather than communicate with Android devices, we require android apps. To develop these android apps you must know the programming language. This Android operating system is written in Java and its low-level libraries are developed in C++.

Top Programming Languages for Building Android Apps

There are currently a variety of programming languages to allow you to build android apps. Below, you will find a list of the most popular programming languages that are used in Android app development.

  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Kotlin
  • Python
  • C#
  • C++
  • Dart
  • Lua

Let's take a look at the various programming languages in detail and discover how you can utilize them to build android apps.


Java is the official language used for Android app development. But, nowadays Java has been replaced with a more compact and secure language called Kotlin. Java is an important language and the majority of the applications available in the Google Play Store have been based on Java.

Java is a language that is broad and includes a variety of concepts, such as constructors, function overloading containers, class threads, objects and exceptions, null pointers, etc. If you're just beginning your journey and want something simple to get started, Java may not be the best option for you.

Even though Java may appear to be complex but it's an excellent language to master and use. Being familiar with Java can help you grasp concepts such as Object Oriented Programming and provide you with an edge in developing servlets using JSP(Java Service Provider).


JavaScript is a common language for the majority of web developers. It is most commonly used to develop web applications and the majority of developers are familiar with the scripting language that runs on clients. JavaScript includes a variety of frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular. You can make use of these frameworks even to build android-based applications.

Two great examples two good examples are React Native and Ionic, which make use of Javascript and HTML as well as CSS and give you the ability to create applications that work across platforms. If you're a web developer wanting to move into Android app development, the most effective route is to choose React Native or Ionic as your development framework.


Kotlin is among the most popular and trending languages used to create android apps. It's an open-source programming language that lets developers write concise code with greater security. It's been getting much interest in the marketplace and those who are new to android found the language fairly easy to master and apply.

You may be familiar with Zomato the well-known app for food delivery. Zomato developers make use of Kotlin to create their apps. Zomato has drastically reduced the amount of its code thanks to Kotlin.

Kotlin has a simpler syntax and uses fewer code lines as compared to Java. The brand new Kotlin was declared to be an official Android developer language (DLL) in the year 2019 by Google 2019 2019. The downside is that Kotlin runs on Java Virtual Machine and acts as a replacement for Java in Android app development.


Python is yet another method for creating amazing android apps. However, using python, you can't provide native features. In Python, there is an application library called "Kivy" that helps you create Android applications more quickly. Python is an extremely powerful language but I'd suggest that you do not make use of the language for Android app Development as it isn't very suitable in comparison to other programming languages.


C# is also one of the most widely used programming languages that are used in android app development. Its syntax is like Java as well. C# provides garbage collection that is similar to Java. With C#, there is less chance of leaks in memory due to the use of a reputable program for a garbage removal.

C# wasn't able to achieve an impact in android app development because of the absence of support for the platform. In the beginning, C# was only compatible in .NET frameworks, such as Windows. With the introduction of Xamarin and Unity, the issue has been solved. Xamarin and Unity offer an Android SDK that assists in developing android apps using C3. Xamarin is a programming language that integrates C# and is utilized to develop cross-platform applications. However, Unity is quite well recognized for its games that cross-platform.

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C++ uses the Android Native app Development Kit(NDK) to create android apps. In order to build an application, you need two components: C++ and NDK. The syntax is quite complicated and some items require a deep understanding of C++ core libraries. Therefore, instead in place of C++, you might prefer Java and Kotlin.


Dart is among the most up-to-date languages that Google created for the purpose to facilitate Android App development. Dart is the stable version that Dart was launched in 2021, and it is now being developed in the marketplace. Dart is typically utilized to develop client-side software. The syntax is similar to C-style syntax, and it supports object-oriented programming.

Dart syntax is fairly easy when compared with other languages. It can be used to create stunning UI components. It gained popularity because of Flutter. Flutter Framework. Flutter, as well as a dart, is well-known for the app development of multi-platform applications. This means that you can create applications that run on platforms such as Android, IOS, or even desktop apps. The community of dart is growing, and it is expected that it will appear in markets as one of the most effective languages for Android app development.


Lua is not as popular at present but is still an excellent choice for creating android apps. It is mostly used in conjunction with Corona SDK. Corona SDK provides features to create native Android applications. It is available with Corona Simulator and Corona Native.

The Corona SDK is simple to master however, it is mostly used to create games and games with graphics. However, you are able to make use of it to create native apps as well.


In this article, you've come across programming languages that aid us in creating Android-based applications. It was clear the way programming languages are used in the app development of android applications. Then, you could see the top 8 programming languages utilized to develop android applications. Then, you were able to see the specifics of each language and learned how they are utilized for Android app development. In the end, you were able to see Kotlin and the advantages of using Kotlin to aid in Android app development. If you want to Build an app for your business, You can Feel Free to contact us and Hire Our Dedicated Android developers to develop your app and make grow in your business.

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