Challenges and Limitations of Phone Monitoring Apps

Challenges and Limitations of Phone Monitoring Apps
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24 November 2023

Today phone monitoring apps are widely recognized and used by people globally. These apps are easy to use because you don’t need any physical access to the target device to view the activities taking place on it. You can remotely monitor and control certain online behaviors of your loved ones to avoid any unwanted situation that might land them in some sort of trouble. 

While you can do so much with an android phone monitoring app, there are still some limitations that one cannot surpass and in this article, we will tell you about those limitations and make you understand why they are important but before that let’s understand a little more about the phone spy apps and how and why they are useful.

Phone Monitoring Apps & Their Usage

Phone monitoring apps, also known as parental control apps for android as well as iOS devices are used to monitor someone’s digital activities. There are many apps that are available on the internet but how to choose the best phone monitoring app for your android device is one major concern that potential users think about while making a decision. Well, to make it easier for you, we will highlight some of the key features that you should consider before signing up to a spy app. 

One should always be clear about what they are looking for in the product they are willing to buy. You will find many options for a single product but choosing the best of all is what is the motive of any buyer. If we talk about mobile spy apps specifically, one should go with the one that not only provides basic features but also lets you track the online and offline activities of the target person as there are certain things people commonly do on their smartphones like phone calls being the bare minimum to the extent of internet usage varying from person to person. 

People who generally sign up to remote monitoring apps are parents of young children, people who have older parents, managers, and people who want to ensure the well-being of the people around them. The common reason for spying on someone is to protect them from any unwanted circumstances, and to protect the confidential information of businesses in professional scenarios and so on. 

Features Of A Spy App

The features of a spy app vary from one another but there are certain features that you can expect from all of them. A spy app lets you track the activities of the target through different features. With the hidden call recorder, you can listen to the calls and save them for later also. You can track someone’s real-time location even if they don’t inform you, like there are times when kids go out and don’t share the location details with you or for times when you assign some field work to your employees but to ensure that they are where they are supposed to be, you can check their location with the GPS tracker. 

There are also many other features that are offered by these phone spy apps but some are exclusively available in a handful of apps like Onemonitar, Chyldmonitor, and Onespy like the ambient sound recorder, and WhatsApp spy feature to name a few. 

Now let’s learn about certain challenges and limitations with the apps.

Challenges & Limitations That Come Along With Phone Monitoring Apps

There are some free monitoring apps for android but remember that they are only beneficial to an extent as there are limited features and certain boundations that come along with them. You may sign up to a free spy app but most of them are not secure as they may give you free services but sell your personal information to third parties to recover that amount and these third parties can be potential scammers who may attempt some fraud with you using your personal information like your phone number which is usually linked with your social media and bank accounts.   

There are certain paid apps also available on the internet that offer different features but don’t let you freely enjoy the services. They either claim to be free but eventually charge you for the subscription or don’t offer you the features that you are looking for. That is why it is important that you do good research on the internet before signing up for any random app.

Are There Any Apps That Offer Great Features and Not Challenges?

You will find many apps online but how do you find the best phone monitoring app tailored as per your needs? Thankfully, there are a few apps that give you sufficient features and full privacy so that you can freely monitor your loved ones. 

Apps like Onemonitar, Chlydmonitor and Onespy have more than 50 features out of which certain features are only available on these apps that no other apps provide. Not only can you listen to the phone conversations but you can also download them in high quality and listen to them later. You can also see the other person’s chats, multimedia and activity status with the WhatsApp spy feature.  

If we talk about the support these apps offer then let us tell you that their support team is well-equipped with the right tools and knowledge that can prove to be beneficial for you when you plan to subscribe to the spy app but don’t know where to start. They will guide you through the features briefly, will tell you about the right package that you can choose as per your requirements, and assist you with the installation process. 

There could be times when you want technical assistance like how to locate a file, how to download the data you think needs to be saved, and so on. In all the scenarios, you don’t have to panic as the experts are available round the clock through calls, emails, and live chats so that you don’t face any issues at any point of time and get a great user experience. 


With a clear and right intention, you can sign up to a spy app and monitor every move of your loved ones and once you are sure about signing up to one such app, remember to thoroughly research about it. Check all the important things like its features, pricing & reviews and once you have made up your mind, you can simply start your monitoring journey. 

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