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Charles M Vaughn

Charles M Vaughn observes the Influence of technology on business. Charles M Vaughn feels technology is the basic need of the present age. Technology has entered our lives in such an unobtrusive manner that we can feel its presence and benefit from its various s services but cannot throw it out of our lives. It has made us so used to comfort and ease in everything that we may feel like living in the stone age without the use of technology.

Charles M Vaughn

According to the point of view of Charles M Vaughn, the Influence of technology in our lives is undeniable. Charles M Vaughn mentioned It has affected our lives so that we cannot survive without it. The prime and the primary example of technology that has entered unnoticeably into our lives is the Internet and mobile phones. The Internet and mobile phones have made access to anything relatively easy. We will never like to find something available on the Internet and the mobile phone. This finding facility ranges from seeing a doctor on online forums to a business person or a service provider on an Internet forum that is serving in the same or relevant region.

Charles M Vaughn explains the Influence of technology on business :

Charles M Vaughn adds that the same strategy applies to business as well. Any company present on an online form is convenient for the buyers. The buyers always like to find something on the Internet first, and later they can go out and see it in markets. In many cases, the companies that run their business on online forums do not have a physical office and deliver their goods and services to the concerned person through Courier services. Their business runs through this strategy of serving people at their doorstep. Their business strategy is to make things and service provision easy enough to make people comfortable with the doorstep delivery services. Their whole company runs on ranking, recommendations, liking, and comments of people who avail of their services. Nowadays, every shop, business, or entrepreneur that is about to start a business that either has an outlet or a franchise does have a fan page on the Internet. Every person has some Instagram handle, Facebook page, or any other form of an advertisement on online forums. This is to promote their services and products to a broader level. The services they provide to local people can reach out to the people residing in other cities and countries through Internet forums. When you post something on the Internet, you never know where the people will see your post. The main advantage of the Internet is that it has made every business and business opportunity broader.

 When businesses have evaluated, surely the business strategies will be. The marketing strategies that have evolved around the company have also been revolutionized. People like to advertise on local as well as on Internet forums. They probably give ads on Instagram, Facebook, Email, messages, and through guest posts.

Online Form

Everyone knows and uses the things mentioned above to make their business visible on online forums. The actual item is that the basic knowledge is never enough to acquire success in any sphere of life. You have to be professional enough to make your business stand out to the general public. Like a local market, where hundreds of people are selling the same services, the strength reaches thousands and millions on the Internet. Thousands of people are selling the same service as yours on the Internet. How would stand your services out in such a rush? The answer is optimization and ranking. This process is also known as reputation building on online forums. Reputation building means adding positive reviews, recommendations, likings, and service suggestions to be ranked higher in software. Whenever people search for a service on an online forum, a list of service providers is presented as per their ranking. This ranking is the fundamental technology that has evaluated the business. This technology is called business optimization on search engines. 


High ranking will present the website or page on top searches, while optimization will make your service stand out in thousands and hundreds.

The old-age in-person marketing strategies are present and valuable to some extent nowadays. Charles M Vaughn said the actual game has been won by technology by offering everything with a click on people’s doorstep.

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