Choose A Web Design That Fits Your Brand

Choose A Web Design That Fits Your Brand
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Your website is one of the best tools you have to establish your brand. It highlights all the main elements of the brand identity:

  • logos
  • Typography
  • Colors
  • Packaging
  • Written content

The look of your website combines all of these elements, including the packaging, as long as you have any product or service pages with images. Together, they show off your brand personality.

Your identity has to be consistent, especially when your business is new and you are building your brand. Your customers get to know you like they would a person, discovering what they can expect, and coming to recognize things like your logo, typography, and graphics.

A consistent website creates these relationships and, in turn, helps attract new customers to your brand. People are drawn to the aesthetics of different brands, from the style of the graphics to the color scheme. You will even connect with different people depending on whether your brand is formal or informal, contemporary or classic, etc.

When building your website through Juztsam, you'll be able to select from a wide range of template designs, designer-approved fonts, and color palettes. Can't find your ideal style? No problem. You can customize both the typography and color scheme to fit your brand aesthetic.

Pro Tip: Keep the color, typography, and graphic style on all your landing pages. You can vary the design and image options, but this way your brand identity will remain consistent.

Create your pages

Once you have made the aesthetic decisions, you can start building your different landing pages. This is one of the most exciting parts of building a website, and even more so when using a drag-and-drop website builder like Juztsam's.

Juztsam's editor is easy to use, even if you have no programming or design skills. Just go to the page you want to build and start experimenting with the drag and drop site builder.

In the site builder, you can work on individual sections such as the navigation bar, header, featured content, and product information. Within each of those sections, you can edit, add, move, and delete content blocks until you're happy with the results.

Your main goal is to make the site intuitive, easy to navigate and that describes your business. Build your navigation menu so visitors can find the pages they're looking for quickly. Use dropdown menus so the bar doesn't get too cluttered. For example, if you have multiple services, group them into a "services" dropdown menu.

Always have a descriptive header at the top of every page, so visitors know what they're looking at. Creative phrases are fine, but make sure you get the message across. That's important for all content that appears above the "fold," that invisible line on a home page that divides what you see first from what you see when you scroll down.

Do your best to place the most important information and key messages above that fold. You can add more detail below the fold, but keep the design clean and tidy.

If you have a call to action (CTA, Call to Action), find a clear place to place it. Lots of people will scroll to the bottom to find the call to action, but sometimes it's better if it's at the top of the page. With Juztsam's drag-and-drop site builder, it's easy and fun to experiment, so don't worry — try things out and see what works.

Connect your payment processor

Juztsam allows you to sell products or services through your website. If you already have a supported e-commerce store or API 3.0 store, you can connect it to your Juztsam account by following the detailed instructions.

Do you want to create your online store for the first time? We have what you need. Create it with Juztsam Shops and start selling directly from your website. With Stripe, we make it easy for you to accept payments for products sold through your online store.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO or search engine optimization is something every website owner should be aware of. It is the practice of juztsam creating your own website and optimizing your content, to connect with the way your potential customers search for your products or services in search engines.

Each search engine has a different algorithm, but Google handles 92% of searches, so it's smarter to optimize for Google. Every time someone does a search, Google will show them the web pages that it thinks will be most important and relevant to that search.

SEO standards are constantly changing, but two things are always important: keywords and quality content. Take some time to research the keywords that users use to find products or services like yours in search engines, so you can personalize your content. Your content must be unique and descriptive.

Backlinks i.e. links to your site from other sites, are very important, but it takes time to get them. As soon as you have a website, start creating links to it from your social networks and encourage your followers to do the same. You can also invite your audience to leave reviews of your products and services on consumer review sites to get more Backlinks.

Pro Tip: Today's search engines know that nearly two-thirds of search engine visits are from mobile devices, so they prioritize sites that are mobile-friendly. Make sure it's easy to see navigating your pages from mobiles and tablets.

Check the links and publish your website

Test your website. Your internal links should be a priority. These links are how your users, as well as Google's search engines, find the different parts of your site, and if they don't work, your users and Google might not even realize those pages exist.

Next, review any Backlinks that come from sites you control, like your Facebook or Instagram page. Also make sure that links to third-party sites point to active pages. Links that don't work can make your site look less professional and hurt your users' experience.

If you've followed the steps above, your new website is ready for the world! Give it another go over to make sure everything looks the way you want. If you can, have someone else take a look and click through different sections to get a second opinion on how it works. Remember, if you're using Juztsam's website builder, it's easy to make changes, so don't be afraid to make some final tweaks.

If everything seems fine, come on, hit publish!

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