Cost Savings And Efficiency Gains From Facilities Management

Cost Savings And Efficiency Gains From Facilities Management
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08 February 2023

Facilities management was brought in to the company to help alleviate some of the cost pressures the company was facing. Facilities management was able to offer some cost savings and efficiency gains that the company was able to take advantage of. The company is now able to focus on its core competencies and leave the management of its facilities to the experts.

Cost Savings And Efficiency Gains From Facilities Management

Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM)

Facilities management software is a comprehensive solution that helps organizations manage various processes related to the maintenance of their physical assets. CAFM software is a type of facilities management software that utilizes computer-aided technologies to streamline these processes. CAFM software often includes features such as asset tracking, work order management, and space planning.

The utilization of Real-time data to promote comprehensive maintenance

Real-time data is critical for comprehensive maintenance and promoting best practices. By collecting and analyzing data in real-time, engineers can identify issues and correct them before they cause serious problems. Additionally, real-time data can be used to predict when maintenance will be needed, which can save time and money.

Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) — The advanced CAFM

CAFM and IWMS solutions are essentially the same but positioned at different stages in the evolution of facilities management, with IWMS being the more advanced technology that is more current than CAFM in the workplace today. IWMS can be thought of as enhanced CAFM.

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