Create a cosy atmosphere in your living room with a sofa rug.

Create a cosy atmosphere in your living room with a sofa rug.
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15 March 2023

Many things make your home homely and cosy to be in. It is primarily the tiny details that help create a good atmosphere. The details are also essential in your interior design to get exactly the look you dream of in your home. Suppose you want to create a particular expression in your living room decor. In that case, a sofa rug is an almost indispensable accessory, and a rug under the coffee table is always a "must-have". Besides, a sofa 200x290 rug is generally a sure hit as it gives a super homely look.

At Imperial Rooms, you can get many different rugs suitable for throwing over the sofa or an armrest on an armchair. They can have a design function, but with a blanket, you can also curl up after a long day at work and enjoy being with the family, a good book or a TV series. You can find the carpets in several different colours, sizes and materials, depending on what you like best.

Find the right size and thickness for your new sofa rug.

When it comes to choosing the right sofa rug, there can be many details that play into the choice. This also applies if you are looking for a specific size or thickness of carpet. The dimensions of your new carpet are essential if you want to be entirely covered by the carpet when you are either lying down or sitting up.

The measurements can fluctuate by several centimetres, depending on which carpet you invest in. There is also a big difference between a carpet measuring 130 x 160 x 1 cm and a measuring 160x230cm rug. However, it is not only the length and width of your sofa rug that is worth bearing in mind. The carpet's thickness also significantly impacts how warm the carpet feels and how it feels to have it around you.

There are thus several factors that are important to think about so that you end up buying the right carpet. But in addition to the measurements, you should also consider which material and colour you find most attractive. At Imperial Rooms, you can find a large and varied selection if you are looking for a new carpet for the living room. Regardless of your taste and home style, you can find a rug on our site.

Give your living room a warm look with carpets in several colours.

With the right sofa throw or plaid, you can create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your living room. This applies both when you enter the living room or have guests visiting. You can wrap yourself in the blanket whenever you need to feel more comfortable. Depending on the home style you have and the look you want to achieve, you can find carpets in several different colours and materials.

At Imperial Rooms, you can find faux fur rugs in more neutral and timeless colours, such as shades of grey and white. These fit beautifully in a more classic home interior, where a sofa rug can be just an excellent detail but doesn't make too much noise compared to the rest of your furniture in the interior. On the other hand, you can also find carpets with more colours on our site. These include, among other things:

  1. Rosa
  2. Bordeaux
  3. Gul
  4. Orange
  5. Dark blue
  6. Shades of green

With the large selection of colours, there is sure to be a sofa rug that fits your personality and home style precisely. This applies both if you are looking for a rug in a simple design or if you would like a specific colour to create a bit of contrast with the rest of your interior. In other words, a coloured rug can create an eye-catcher in a neutral-coloured sofa and a living room that is decorated in a more classic or minimalist style. If you like colours, you can also buy a plaid with several different colours.

Regarding rugs for the sofa, you can also find some with patterns and even throws with fringes on the bottom and top. This gives you more freedom when choosing the right sofa rug for your interior design.

Several good advantages of choosing a sofa rug in cotton or wool

However, it is more than just the colour you should consider when looking for a new carpet for the sofa. Because you can find carpets in different materials, it is also a good idea to consider how the carpet should feel when sitting around you. It can be different from carpet to carpet and from material to material.

Most often, you can find carpets in the materials cotton and wool. Both materials mean that a sofa blanket will feel warm around you. At the same time, both materials radiate cosiness and well-being. The advantage of buying a wool rug is that you get one that keeps you warm and doesn't wear out immediately. This applies regardless of whether the wool comes from a lamb, a Cashmere goat or an alpaca. However, some people find that wool can quickly become scratchy against the skin. If you feel this way about wool, your new sofa rug can quickly lose some of its cosy and warm effects.

Cotton, on the other hand, is a material that does not scratch in the same way. With that material, you will get a warm carpet that is easy to keep clean. It does not shrink like wool if you throw the blanket in the washing machine now and then.

There are thus different advantages to the two materials. These advantages may be worth knowing if you are looking for the right sofa rug for your home. Regardless of what you are looking for, you have a large selection at Imperial Rooms. It is thus also possible for you to find a rug in exactly the right design and made of the suitable material so that you can place your new rug on the sofa or hang it over the armrest of the armchair in the living room.

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