Your Perfect Sofa Set That Will Fit a Living Room

Your Perfect Sofa Set That Will Fit a Living Room
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22 December 2023

The sofa set is a statement piece of furniture and undoubtedly one of the most important furniture pieces for a living room. It is one of the most used and largest pieces when compared to other things in the living room. It is used to relax, read, watch TV, or have important conversations in the family. With so much riding on this one unit, it is essential to choose the best option when you buy a sofa set online. To help with the selection process, here is a handy guide on how to choose the perfect sofa set for your living room. Once you read through it, explore Wakefit to pick one from their wide sofa set collections.

Advantages of Choosing the Best Sofa Set

Sofa sets are an essential interior design element in a home. Since it is the place where you entertain guests as well as lounge in your free time, it needs to be impressive with a blend of comfort and aesthetics. The sofa set that you buy should blend into the home decor and elevate it. Here are a few reasons to invest in the best sofa set design for your living room.


To Create an Inviting Space: Sofa sets are one of the best and most versatile furniture pieces that can be placed anywhere. It can be your living room, home office, or cafe; these create a ‘wow’ appeal and also give you the right place to feel yourself and your guests comfortable. It can be used to host family movie shows or have discussions with colleagues. When you pick the best sofa set design, it gives a warm and homely feel to the space.

Anchors the other pieces: A sofa set helps define the overall layout and design of the living room. The largest piece of furniture creates a focal point and establishes the overall flow. The style and design of the sofa set dictate the tone for the entire space, influencing the choice of other furniture and accessories. Being the primary seating option, it provides a comfortable place for people in the family to relax and enjoy themselves.

Maximum comfort: A sofa, even if it is a single-seater recliner sofa, provides maximum comfort. When they are covered with plush backrests, seat cushions, and armrests, they allow you to sit or lie down in comfort. Plus, it comes in many colour schemes and styles to enhance the appearance of living room interiors.

The Various Types of Sofa Designs to Choose

Minimalistic sofa design: These are basic, minimal, and simple designs and are mostly manufactured with single-tone wood. They have a timeless quality to them, as they are simple and can complement the other living room furniture pieces very well. It is also a great choice for not only homes but also as office furniture. It is ideal for those who find it ‘less is beautiful’ and is a great choice for contemporary living rooms.  

Recliner sofas: These are ideal for a home where they host guests for movies or love reading on comfortable couches. It is manufactured using a combination of wood and other designs. They are equipped with advanced settings, which makes it easy and fun to get into different reclining positions.

Loveseats: These are compact, cosy, and small sofa sets that fit into a small living room. A two-seater loveseat is charming and is bigger than a chair and smaller than a 3 seater sofa. It is ideal for couples who like to sit close to each other but are comfortable. It can also be paired with a three seater plus sofa, a single seater sofa, or statement single chairs.

Sectional sofa: These are sofa sets that come in multiple pieces of two or more. These are joined together in many configurations to make a sofa. For instance, a L type sofa set is combined with two lounge seats on both ends. It can also come in configurations like a sofa with side tables or a movable ottoman. These types of sofa sets are the best choice for any living room, as they can accommodate many people and are also attractive. They come in many types and shapes and also come with a daybed, depending on the type of sectional you choose.

Luxury Sofa: It is ideal for spaces where you need grandeur and opulence. Choose rich velvet, leather, sheer, etc., which gives you shine and gloss, and designs that are curvy as they give you grandeur. If you have a glamorous home, a luxury leatherette sofa for the living room adds richness to the space. They also add a festive and cheery look to the living space. 

Futon: These are a multifunctional and stylish addition to your living room. It comes in handy when you have extra guests at home. It is a folded sofa cum bed where your couch can be converted into a bed to sleep in at night. Choose futon sofas made of wood for sturdiness and stability. It comes with a soft mattress for comfortable sleep at night. The design is such that it needs minimal effort to convert from bed to sofa and vice-versa.

Classic sofa: These are designs that are timeless, which means whatever the current trend, they do not fade in front of them. If you are a person who does not follow trends and wants designs that keep going for years, a classic sofa design is for you. These have simple structures and come with classic colours like beige, black, brown, etc.

Bamboo sofas: These are made of cane and give an earthy look. These are environment friendly and ideal for those who prefer to use green. It comes in many configurations, and one can choose from a single-seater sofa chair to two or three-seater sofas. You can also find ottomans for the living room, stools, and lounge chairs.


The sofa is a statement piece of furniture and the focal point of the living space. So it is essential to browse through various designs to find the right choice. You can then arrange the sofa set in front so that you can enjoy it with family or friends. Buy a beautiful and comfortable sofa and have an elegant and warm living room.


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