Dark Joseph Ravine’s Favorite Foods

Dark Joseph Ravine’s Favorite Foods


Dark Joseph Ravine, founder of online business Kindness for Success, has been featured in many media outlets. His mission is to promote positivity and kindness worldwide. He seeks to find solutions for people who are struggling in life with disappointment and to help them become better. When Ravine is not busy assisting others, he is enjoying some of his favorite foods. There are quite a few restaurants Ravine enjoys frequenting. He sometimes shares snaps of his favorite foods with his followers.

          Ravine enjoys dairy foods more than meat foods. One of his favorite foods is cheese. He says, “I love eating cheese-based foods, such as pizza, poutine, and grilled cheese. I eat dairy almost every day, but of course I try to eat dairy in moderation because consuming too much of one type of food can be harmful long term.” Ravine gravitates to dairy foods more than meat foods and is always interested in trying new dairy foods on the market.

          Another food Ravine enjoys is soup. He says, “Soup is another great food because it is a combination of vegetables, which has excellent nutritional value and ensures there are vitamins in my body Atlanta IOP. Although my diet is not completely healthy, I aim to find new and healthier foods to incorporate into my daily eating. Often, when I visit restaurants, the first food I order is soup.”

          Ravine classifies himself as a selective eater. He does not enjoy all foods and therefore, is specific about what he would like to eat. Ravine enjoys salty foods although he enjoys sweet foods as well. He says, “I do not enjoy bland foods; every food needs to have some flavor to it. I enjoy foods that are either salty or sweet. One of my favorite pastimes is spicing food. I believe all foods can be suited toward our individual tastes. Eating is never a challenge because we can use spices in any food to alter its taste, making it more enjoyable to eat.” While all spices have different tastes and serve different purposes, they can be utilized to make a food taste its best.

          Ravine believes food is a blessing to feel grateful for and encourages others to contemplate the significance of food. He explains, “Food is one of the biggest blessings of life because it is essential to our survival. When we have food, it allows for our continued survival and can enhance our health. But with everything, it is important to be mindful that food should be enjoyed and not wasted because there are people in the world who do not have food. Therefore, practicing gratitude for food is essential. When we are grateful, we see continued blessings in our lives.” Ravine’s practice of gratitude for his food elevates his enjoyment of the food to a higher level. 

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