Detect AI-Written Texts Using the Open AI Detection Tool

Detect AI-Written Texts Using the Open AI Detection Tool
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After the release of ChatGPT students and people started abusing it for their own gains. Which was supposed to be Universal writer's assistance now turned into a copywriting tool. Students from different levels use this tool to generate different types of write-ups with little to no supervision. Because of that, students are hurting their academic progression and disrupting the learning experience. To tackle such problems countless applications launched this year, which is a good or bad thing only time will tell. Meanwhile, focus on the applications.

Applications that can detect AI written text along with plagiarism

These applications are certainly a good thing for educators since the institutes are concerned about chatGPT abuse. Meanwhile, check out the below tools if you want to make sure there are no AI-written articles you are about to publish.

Open AI detection tool and text classifier

OpenAI is released this year and after the launch, people are using this software to detect texts that are allegedly written by AI. The cool thing about this software is that the open Ai detection tool also helps with plagiarism checks.  Therefore, there is a good chance students who copy and paraphrase others' work will not get away so easily. Things are about to change for good but the truth is AI can be helpful to transform complex sentences into easy essays. The AI text classifiers work perfectly well with the GPT model therefore a user can easily differentiate between a human-written and Ai-written text. Nevertheless, the application has a few limitations and the results are not 100% accurate so there you have it a win-win situation for ChatGPT and OpenAI.


Both OpenAI and GPTZeroX came out at the same time. Like an open AI detection tool, this software scans for perplexity and burstiness. Perplexity calculates how many words are being suggested or edited by a bot. A human approach will be more random hence; the selection of words will be either repetitive or diverse. This new open Ai detector has another feature called burstiness measurement that increases the perplexity of each sentence followed by a shorter one. By using this tool, you can point out copied and pasted texts or texts that are being forged by bots.


Yet another open AI detection tool that does the same thing as the rest detects open AI text.  Unlike other applications, this one is more reliable and fast. If you need a simple yet credible open AI detection tool then this is your application. If you are a teacher then take advantage of this tool to analyze assignments submitted by students, take note of the texts that derive from AI tools, and take necessary steps to prevent it from ever happening. However, the application is still in the development stage therefore you may not get 100% accurate results but higher than 98%. Furthermore, this particular open Ai detection tool uses DeepAnalyse technology to recognize the origin of any text with an error rate lower than 1%. Students, teachers, copywriters, and freelancers can benefit if they use it properly.

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