Does a 7 Minute Workout Plan Burn Fat?

Does a 7 Minute Workout Plan Burn Fat?
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30 November 2023

We usually struggle to continuously follow our fitness routine. There are several reasons due to which we end up missing one or more days. As a result, we again reach the day where we sit and think “I need to start working out again” or “I am so losing my mind because of this unfit body”.

Enter the amazing fitness trainer, “Fit in 7”. An application solely dedicated to make your workout sessions short and useful. Furthermore, you can simply download this app and start your workout journey 7 minutes a day.

Now, many of you may feel why a 7 minute workout plan? What is so good about this regime? Or will it actually burn my fat? To answer all your questions, this article completely addresses your queries. Because the one thing that you will gain from this is knowledge about the benefits this fitness plan caters.

Moving further, the 7-minute workout, as exemplified by the Fit in 7 app, has gained prominence for its efficiency in burning fat and improving overall fitness. This brief but intense exercise regimen is rooted in science, employing mechanisms that contribute to fat loss and metabolic enhancement.

Does a 7 Minute Workout Plan Burn Fat?

So, let’s learn more about the Fat-Burning Mechanism:

  • High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

The cornerstone of the 7-minute workout's effectiveness is HIIT. This approach involves short bursts of intense exercise followed by brief rest periods. This high-intensity nature stimulates the body to burn calories not only during the workout but also afterward, known as the afterburn effect.

  • Elevated Heart Rate and Caloric Burn

The intensity of the exercises within the 7-minute timeframe significantly elevates the heart rate. This increased heart rate results in a higher caloric expenditure compared to traditional, longer-duration exercises.

  • Metabolic Boost

Intense exercise activates the anaerobic energy system, promoting a metabolic boost. This heightened metabolic rate persists post-workout, leading to continued fat burning during the recovery period.

  • Muscle Engagement

The 7-minute workout targets multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Engaging large muscle masses during the exercises requires more energy, contributing to increased fat utilization.

Fit in 7 App's Role

  • Strategic Exercise Selection

Fit in 7's workout routines are carefully curated to include exercises that maximize energy expenditure. The creators have chosen each exercise for its ability to engage multiple muscle groups. Thus, it ensures a comprehensive workout.

  • Interval Structure

The app follows a structured interval format, alternating between intense exercises and short rest periods. This structure is designed to optimize the fat-burning benefits of HIIT.

  • Efficiency in Time

Fit in 7's succinct 7-minute sessions make it convenient for individuals with busy schedules. The app's strategic design ensures that every minute is utilized for maximum impact on fat-burning processes.

  • Variety to Prevent Plateau

The app incorporates diverse exercises to prevent the body from adapting to a specific routine, avoiding plateaus in fat loss. This variety challenges the body and promotes ongoing improvement.

  • Scientifically Backed Workouts

Fit in 7's workouts are grounded in scientific principles, aligning with the latest research on effective and time-efficient exercise for fat loss.


All in all, the 7-minute workout, particularly through the Fit in 7 app, is a science-backed approach to burning fat. The combination of HIIT, strategic exercise selection, and time efficiency contributes to an effective and sustainable method for those seeking to shed excess fat and enhance overall fitness.

In short, you will basically be exercising for only 7 minutes. But, the consistency of the same will help you achieve your goals. Furthermore, you won’t be worrying about the extra time you will have to extract from your daily routine. Hence, this ought to be the most helpful, engaging and positive approach to your fitness journey.

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