Does a 7 Minute Workout Plan Burn Fat?

We usually struggle to continuously follow our fitness routine. There are several reasons due to which we end up missing one or more days. As a result, we again reach the day where we sit and think &l...
30 November ·
· 1 · alleina

The Transformative Journey of Meditation with Lunahead

With this rising hustle and bustle in our lives, the search for inner peace has been a major need for the individuals. Evidently, this quest is to seek solace and balance in life. For decades we have...
16 November ·
· 2 · alleina

Embracing the Gift of Self-Approval through Lunahead

As the world is moving ahead, so are the people living in this zone. And all through this chaos and need to prove yourself, loving and accepting yourself is the most important thing. One can never ach...
09 August ·
· 3 · alleina

The Transformative Effects of Outdoor Exploration on Physical and Mental Fitness

In our fast-paced, technology-driven world, finding ways to maintain physical and mental fitness has become increasingly important. While hitting the gym or engaging in structured exercise routines ar...
07 June ·
· 9 · alleina