Does Glass Really Make the Best Material for Smoking Pipes?

Does Glass Really Make the Best Material for Smoking Pipes?
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There are some smokers that would turn their noses up at the sight of a glass pipe. Some prefer to roll their own and don’t like the hassle of carrying a pipe. Others (usually tobacco smokers) are traditionalists and prefer a briar or meerschaum pipe. Some even smoke clay or cob pipes.

So why do so many of the best head shops sell glass (and mostly glass), and why do so many people prefer glass to metal or crystal pipes, or even rolling papers? Well, here are some of the top draws.

Glass Doesn’t Alter the Flavor
Glass will not burn like some other materials (notably the herbs you’re smoking!) which means it will not alter the flavor of the herbs you prefer.

Glass is also not porous (or only minimally porous) which means it won’t absorb tar or oils, either.

Consequently, glass pipes, like chillums and water pipes, offer a pure, untainted smoking experience.

Glass Doesn’t Need to Be Broken in
Although these are rare among those that enjoy smoking dry herbs, some pipe materials cannot be packed and smoked right out of the gate.

If you have a smoking pipe made from a natural material like wood, briar, or corncob, these need to be carefully broken in before you can smoke a whole bowl, or you’ll scorch the bowl and can even burn it out.

Glass requires no such break-in period. You can pack a full bowl right from the get-go.

Glass Is Tough
Glass might not be the first material you think of when you hear the word “tough,” but the truth is most glass pipes are very durable.

This is because most glass pipes are made from borosilicate glass which is surprisingly durable and shatter-resistant and because it has a low coefficient of thermal expansion.

Basically, this means you can bring a glass pipe anywhere. You don’t want to abuse one, but in reality, glass pipes are tougher than crystal, (some) wooden, clay, meerschaum, and cob pipes.

There Are a Whole Lot of Options
If you’re interested in breaking from the prevalence of traditional materials and embracing glass smoking pipes, you’ll be further pleased to learn there are a whole lot of options.

On the one end you have chillums, one-hitters, and glass hand pipes, which are convenient, generally small and lightweight, and easy to pack, smoke, and clean. They’re extremely low maintenance and very practical.

There are also glass dab rigs, water pipes, and bubblers, which are a little more complex and fragile (and generally less portable) but which can offer a more intensive and smoother smoking experience.

Glass Is Customizable
In addition to the variety in glass smoking pipes themselves, some artisans see the glass pipe as a work of art and consequently, there is a whole world of unique designs out there waiting to be discovered.

Many glass smoking pipes (especially heady glass water pipes) are elaborately colored, patterned, and decorated.

Whatever your tastes or interests are, there are glass smoking pipes out there that reflect them.

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