Electric Trike Comparison: Addmotor GRANDTAN M-340 vs Electric Fat Trike

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Electric Trike Comparison: Addmotor GRANDTAN M-340 vs Electric Fat Trike

Exercise is a challenge to fit into the hectic schedules of people living in this fast-paced world. People always want to live a healthy lifestyle, and to be fit you need to be physically active. You can reduce your risk of health-related problems associated with your desk-bound lifestyle by riding your electric tricycle regularly. From young children to adults and seniors, cycling is healthy, low-impact exercise that everyone can enjoy.

For people of all ages, the fat tire electric tricycle is affordable, fun, and offers tons of benefits. Going out shopping, to the gym, to work or any other place is one of the easiest ways to add exercise to your everyday schedule. The electric trikes provide you with more stability and cargo-carrying capacity than other traditional bikes.

Electric Trike Comparison: Addmotor GRANDTAN M-340 vs Electric Fat Trike

You can improve your fitness by riding an electric tricycle because it offers a low-impact workout that reduces injuries as well as improves stamina, muscle strength, and aerobic fitness. With pedal-assist motors on your trike, you can power up and over hills and difficult terrain, so you're more likely to ride it regularly than other sports that keep you inside or require special facilities or equipment. With a fat tire tricycle for adults, you can enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Depending on what kind of riding you are looking for chances are there is an electric tricycle for you. It doesn't matter why you need one, there is a three-wheel option that would fit your needs. However, these electric trikes are quite expensive, so you'd want to make sure that you choose the right one. Therefore, to ease your struggle in choosing among the extensive range we're going to compare Addmotor's GRANDTAN M-340 against the Electric Fat Trike.

Addmotor GRANDTAN M-340 vs Electric Fat Trike

Electric Trike Comparison: Addmotor GRANDTAN M-340 vs Electric Fat Trike

Addmotor M-340                                Electric Fat Trike

No matter if you want to roam around, improve your fitness, or get rid of your boring daily commute, electric trikes prove to be a good choice. You can make a good investment if you choose a fat tire trike correctly. The GRANDTAN -340 and the Electric Fat Trike will be compared side-by-side in order to provide you with as much information as possible.

#1 Color Choice

Addmotor's GRANDTAN M-340 has a lot of improvements to the previous model and is a more versatile and aesthetically appealing one. The M-340 is available in six different colors including Neptune Blue, Starry Blue, Cyan Green, Army Green, Rose Gold, and Pearl White. Among these colors, Army Green is the most popular one.

Only one color is available for the Electric Fat Trike, and that is Desert Bronze. So, M-340 is definitely a better option if you want more color ranges.

#2 Motor

The M-340 is equipped with a 750 nominal watt Bafang hub motor with 80 Newton meters of torque. This is quite a powerful motor that provides more power and torque than some of the more expensive brands out there. The motor can accelerate the GRANDTAN M-340 to a top speed of 20mph, which can be tweaked to reach 28mph.

The Electric Fat Trike has a 750–1000-watt Bafang front hub motor, which makes it quite powerful to handle any kind of path and load. This motor is capable of providing 750-watt nominal and 1000-watt peak power, which is quite powerful.

#3 Battery

In the case of power supply, the GRANDTAN M-340 comes with a big 48-volt 20-ampere hour Lithium battery. There is enough power in this battery to power long-distance rides as well as carry all the cargo.

On the other hand, the Electric Fat Trike is equipped with a slightly lesser battery as compared with M-340 with a 48-volt 11.6-ampere-hour Lithium-ion battery.

#4 Riding Range

GRANDTAN M-340 electric trikes have big batteries that make them last quite a long time on the road. With PAS 1, the M-340 can achieve 85+ miles per charge, which is more than any competitor.

The Electric Fat Trike, on the other hand, can only travel 26 miles per charge, which makes it a much lesser option. Depending on the rider's weight and the terrain, the range may even decrease.

#5 Carrying capacity

This adult tricycle with basket is a perfect option for carrying heavy cargo. Thanks to the strong step-thru frame, the M-340 has a 350+100 pounds payload capacity, including the rider and cargo.

Comparatively, the Electric Fat Trike offers a slightly lesser carrying capacity, with a maximum payload of 275 pounds only.

#6 Tire

The 4-inch Kenda Fat Tires provide the perfect combo with this powerful beast electric trike. The 4" tires provide the M-340 with more balance and control. While the Electric Fat Trike also offers 4" fat tires in the rear and front wheels.

#7 Light system

The M-340 has integrated head and tail lights powered by the main battery pack to ensure your safety while driving at night. Lighting usage can be shown on the LCD display on your trike and you can even adjust the light brightness according to your battery level.

On the other hand, the Electric Fat Trike doesn't come with an integrated head or tail light. You can attach an independent light which would be powered by batteries.

#8 Price

Electric Fat Trike's price range is its only advantage, Addmotor's M-340 is a little pricey with a price tag of $3,099. On the other hand, the Electric Fat Trike is a bit economical with a $2,932 tag.

Final Words

Electric trikes are no doubt better options in terms of stability and comfort for a number of riders of all age groups. In our comparison, the GRANDTAN M-340 has an upper hand against the Electric Fat Trike in terms of almost everything. The M-340 offers more color choices, a more powerful motor, a bigger battery, additional carrying capacity, an extensive riding range, and a better lighting system. With all these plus features, the price tag seems quite worth spending. Now when you've made up your mind to go shopping for an electric trike, you can check out the latest addition at Addmotor's website.

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