Environmental Considerations: Sustainability and Methacrylic Adhesives

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26 October 2023

In the recent past, the conventional techniques for bonding have undergone an unprecedented change. Both engineers and developers from various industries tend to show a clear preference for the new-age methacrylate-based structural adhesives to the more conventional procedures like riveting and welding.

Why Methacrylic Adhesives?

These types of adhesives are ideal for structural projects in various industries, including marine, construction, and automotive. Methacrylic Adhesives are best known for their durability and strength. However, it is their resistance to environmental impacts that maximizes their popularity.

What You Need to Remember

These adhesives are a greener alternative to conventional bonding procedures. However, there are still some factors that you need to be aware of while using it.

  • Production: The procedure of producing Methacrylic Adhesives might generate VOCs or volatile organic compounds. Often, these lead to climate change and air pollution. What is more, certain ingredients used in the adhesive come from petroleum, which is a non-renewable source of energy.
  • Disposal: These adhesives are not exactly categorized under hazardous wastes. But even then, to stay safe, you have to cure it completely before disposing in a standard trash bin.
  • Use of Adhesives: Even while using adhesives, you need to take certain steps to reduce the environmental impacts. You can make it by using the right quantity of adhesive for every project, minimizing spills, and properly disposing of unused adhesive.
  • Sustainability: There are different ways to use Methacrylic Adhesives to be more environmentally friendly. For anything else, you can try water-based adhesives, as they generate relatively less volatile organic compounds. You can also choose from the new age adhesives that are manufactured from resins that are bio-based and similar to sustainable ingredients.
  • Choosing a Company: It is also significant that you get services from companies that offer recycling Methacrylic Adhesives. Or at least choose a service provider that offers programs for the disposal of hazardous wastes to their clients.

Extra Tips for Extra Sustainability

Get some bonus tips that can help make your Methacrylic Adhesives more sustainable.

  • In case there is a spill, use a piece of damp cloth to wipe it without much ado. Make sure to immediately dispose of the cloth, as well. You dispose of it following the manufacturer's instructions.
  • To minimise VOC exposure, ensure to keep them in properly ventilated areas.
  • It is important to completely cure adhesives before you dispose of it. Here again, the instructions from your service provider can be helpful.

Where to get your Services from?

There might be a number of companies manufacturing and offering Methacrylic Adhesives for various applications and projects. But not all of them have a clear plan to make their products green. So, while researching your potential partner, it is important that you compare the features, prices, and value-added services that they have to offer. Companies like Parson Adhesives, for example, offer a comprehensive package of high-performing methacrylate adhesives. Each of the products has earned its fame due to excellent peel strength, impact resistance, fatigue resistance, strength and thermal conductivity. You might want to check the official website, parsonadhesives.com, to explore more about these thermoset-based adhesives. 

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