How Anaerobic Adhesives Contribute to Sustainable Manufacturing Practices

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21 September 2023

If you are uninitiated about anaerobic adhesives, then you should learn about what it actually is. The very word 'anaerobic' suggests something without air. This simply means that this particular type of adhesive gets its cure after removing air or oxygen from it. There is another pre-condition for curing these types of adhesives. You need to keep it in touch with some sort of metal. So, in a nutshell, these adhesives stay in a liquid state unless their oxygen content gets removed and unless they come into some contact with copper, iron, and similar metals.

Why Anaerobic Adhesives?

These adhesives are ideal to fill in the gaps between different components of metal. It comes in handy in applications that need assembly (such as assembling bolts and nuts). In fact, it is helpful in any application that needs a high amount of shear strength.

What makes it a 'Greener' Option?

Going the environmentally-friendly way for just about any type of application can be costly.Anaerobic adhesives are no exception to the rule. But most of the responsible habitats on the planet are still treading in the greener ways because of the long-term benefits that they offer. That goes equally true for these adhesives because:

  • It helps in maintaining excellent technical performance.
  • This reduces health hazards for workers, especially those belonging to sectors like construction and automobile engineering. Eventually, this helps the company owners to pay less for health insurance premiums for their employees.
  • These adhesives double up as a solid UV-curable option. This means that they can prevent a considerable amount of solvent from evaporating into the atmosphere. This not only prevents the wastage of solvent but also prevents the mixing of toxic elements into the air.
  • Even in the medical field, many makers of medical-grade needles are replacing heat-treated epoxy bond procedures with anaerobic adhesives. Reportedly, this has decreased the energy needs in the line of production by about 1/3. So you can say that this adhesive also helps in conserving energy.
  • In the recent past, a facility for treating wastewater seals has sealed the piping with an anaerobic sealant. As the engineers working there have noted, this has checked the possibility of many gallons of clean water leaking into the polluted, untreated water. In this way, you can say that this adhesive helps to eliminate waste.

Where to Source these Adhesives from?

The only downside of choosing the adhesives over the others is, perhaps, the fact that not all manufacturers have mastered the art of processing them. However, there are some very reliable manufacturers. For example, Parson has been in this industry right after the inception of commercial quality anaerobic adhesive in the market. 

Today, the manufacturer is supplying its products internationally. As its official website,, claims, the company now has a presence in nations like China, Taiwan, Mexico, Germany, Italy, France, Brazil, Turkey, the UK, and the USA. The ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company is presently supplying its customized products to various industries, including construction, marine, and graphics, and printing, furniture, to name a few. 

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