Epson Printer Not Connecting to Wi-Fi : Solve Epson Error

Epson Printer Not Connecting to Wi-Fi : Solve Epson Error
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23 December 2022

Is it difficult for you to take prints out of your Epson printer? The Epson Printer Won't Connect to WiFi may be the problem. Fortunately, there are some steps through which you can resolve Epson Printer Not Connecting to Wi-Fi.

Why Is Epson Printer Not Connecting To Wi-Fi?

It seems the printer or router settings are wrong. Also, Epson Printer Won't Connect to Wi-Fi can occur due to some other factors. Listed below are these issues: 

  • Problems with the Wi-Fi Password.
  • Using the old Wi-Fi profile when connecting to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Weak network signals.
  • The printer requires an upgrade of its firmware.
  • Firewalls block printers from joining networks. 

Steps To Follow Prior Troubleshooting:

Let's follow these simple steps to connect your printer and network to your Wi-Fi. Here are a few things you should check while you try to connect:

  • Connect the Epson printer to the wireless network by keeping it close to the router or extender. 
  • Additionally, make sure your password is correct.
  • Make sure the router is broadcasting Wi-Fi signals. 
  • Moreover, check the Wi-Fi signal quality via the Epson printer's WLAN settings. 

How to Solve Epson Printer Not Connecting to Wi-Fi:

Here are some steps that you can take if you have the Epson Printer Offline issues despite the correct settings:

    1. Verify Your Network Connection 

To fix this problem, make sure other devices are able to discover your network. Use another device to connect to the Wi-Fi to verify the network is working. To test whether your printer is working, make sure the router is within range of it. Do not place your product near microwaves or cordless phones that operate at 2.4GHz.

    2. Reset Your Printer's WLAN:

Occasionally, the Epson printer might try to reconnect to the Wi-Fi network using the old password when it cannot connect after updating the password. In case you need to reset the printer's network settings, you can follow these steps.

  • Turn on the Epson machine and wait until you see the home screen. 
  • After that, you need to click the setup button right below the fax button. There might be a different place in the printer. 
  • Next, click on restore default settings. 
  • It is now time to reset the network settings.
  • Then, on the following window, click YES.

As soon as the network reset is complete, push the home button to return to the home screen. You should reconnect the Epson printer to the Wi-Fi network. 

    3. Cache-Clearing 

  • Turn off the printer.
  • For 15-20 seconds, keep the feed button pressed. 
  • Start the printer but do not release the Feed button. 
  • Further, leave the feed button alone once the printer begins printing. 
  • Once again, press the feed button to print a new page. 

The device will then be cleared of its print cache. 

    4. WPS Pin Usage:

After you perform the network reset, if the Epson printer still does not connect to the wireless network, you can use the WPS method.The router and printer must both have WPS capabilities to use this feature. If WPS is not available at one of them, so you must move on to another. 

  • Use The Push Button Method:

On your Wi-Fi access point, press the WPS button.

There may be two options: the backside and the bottom side. To access the right arrow button on the home screen, click it. Press the Ok button after selecting the Wi-Fi setup option.

Afterward, select WPS and hit OK again. Wait 120 seconds and you will see the Wi-Fi antenna show a green light when the Epson machine connects to Wi-Fi. 

  • PIN Method: 

For Epson printers without a WPS button, you must connect to the network using a PIN number. 

  • As a first step, press the WPS button on the router. 
  • On the Epson printer, you need to select Wi-Fi setup. 
  • Click on the Pin code setup option after that. 
  • You must then press OK. 
  • Next, enter the WPS pin code found on the router's bottom.
  • To complete the Wi-Fi setup, press OK. 
  • Wi-Fi Profile Update:

When Epson Printer Doesn't Connect to WiFi, you should change the Wi-Fi name, encryption type, and security code. Click on the wireless settings on the router dashboard to change the wireless profile. 

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      5. Install the Latest Epson Software:

Occasionally, Epson printers are unable to connect to wireless networks due to software issues. Generally, this will occur with Od Wi-Fi printers when you do not upgrade the Wi-Fi very often. So, if you are experiencing problems with the Epson printer Wi-Fi setup, you will need to update it and try again to connect. 

     6. Reset the Wi-Fi Router:

When the Epson Printer Won’t Connect to WiFi after changing the settings, reset the Wi-Fi access point and then reconfigure it. In addition, do not apply the Old WLAN profile to Wi-Fi. Using these steps, you can resolve Epson Printer Not Connecting to WiFi issues. 

     7. Fixes In Summary Points:

  1. Epson printers are best kept physically close to WiFi routers.
  2. Disable your antivirus software and firewall if the connection problem persists.
  3. Also, make sure your printing machine's network password is correct.
  4. Further, check if the router works with some of your other devices.
  5. If there are any firmware updates for your Epson Printer, install them.
  6. The last step is to reset your Epson printer to factory settings. If necessary, reconfigure it.


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