Essaygenius Review: A Disappointing AI Essay Writer Tool

Essaygenius Review: A Disappointing AI Essay Writer Tool
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Are you tired of spending hours struggling to write essays? Are you searching for an AI-powered tool that can generate structures and improve your writing process? Look no further than Essaygenius, a popular AI essay writer tool. However, before you invest your hard-earned money into this tool, it's important to understand its limitations and drawbacks. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the downsides of Essaygenius and provide you with an honest evaluation of its performance and capabilities.

Disappointing Performance and Limited Capabilities

One of the first things users notice when using Essaygenius is its very basic design. The user interface lacks intuitive features and fails to provide a seamless writing experience. Users often struggle to navigate through the tool, resulting in wasted time and frustration.

Another major drawback of Essaygenius is its plagiarism checker. While it claims to be effective, it falls short of expectations. Many users have reported instances where the tool failed to identify plagiarized content accurately. This raises concerns about the reliability and effectiveness of the plagiarism detection feature.

Additionally, Essaygenius falls short when it comes to grammar and language accuracy. Despite being an AI-powered tool, it frequently makes grammar mistakes and fails to provide coherent and well-structured sentences. This can be a significant hindrance for students who rely on the tool to improve their writing skills.

The Dark Side of Essaygenius

One of the most significant concerns about Essaygenius is its lack of value for money. Users often find that the tool fails to deliver the promised results, making it a poor investment. Considering the hefty subscription fees, many users feel disappointed by the tool's performance and regret spending their money on it.

Furthermore, there have been reports suggesting that Essaygenius may not be as reliable as it claims to be. Some users have experienced issues with the tool crashing or freezing, resulting in lost work and wasted time. Such technical glitches can be highly frustrating and undermine the tool's credibility.

Promises vs. Reality

Essaygenius markets itself as a tool that can help students write better essays in less time. However, the reality often falls short of these promises. Many users have found that the generated essay structures lack depth and fail to provide insightful arguments. This can be detrimental to students who rely on the tool for guidance and support in their academic writing.

A Word of Caution for Students

Considering the drawbacks and limitations discussed above, it is crucial for students to exercise caution when considering Essaygenius as their AI writing assistant. The tool's non-intuitive design, subpar plagiarism checker, grammar mistakes, and overall disappointing performance make it a questionable choice for students seeking reliable and effective writing support.

It is advisable to explore other alternatives and conduct thorough research before investing your money in an AI writing tool. While the idea of an AI essay writer may be appealing, it is essential to choose a tool that truly meets your needs and provides value for your investment.


In conclusion, Essaygenius falls short of expectations as an AI essay writer tool. Its basic design, limited capabilities, subpar plagiarism checker, and frequent grammar mistakes make it a less-than-ideal choice for students looking to enhance their writing skills and save time. The tool's performance and overall user experience do not justify its expensive subscription fees, making it a questionable investment.


Q: Can Essaygenius improve my essay's structure?

A: Essaygenius claims to generate essay structures, but many users have found them to be lacking depth and insight. It is advisable to seek alternative methods or writing resources for more effective structure improvement.

Q: Does Essaygenius offer a money-back guarantee?

A: Essaygenius does not offer a money-back guarantee. Users should carefully consider this before purchasing a subscription.

Q: Are there any reliable alternatives to Essaygenius?

A: Yes, there are several other AI writing tools available in the market that offer better performance, user experience, and value for money. It is recommended to explore alternative options before making a decision.

Disclaimer: The information and statistics mentioned in this blog are based on our research and user feedback. We encourage readers to conduct their own investigation and exercise caution when using any AI writing tool.

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