Every Website Should Have These Things On The Home Page!

Every Website Should Have These Things On The Home Page!
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You may know that homepage of your website has to fulfil multiple functions. It should be created to serve the audience with various sources rather than being viewed as a landing page only focusing on a single action. It should be purposefully constructed to accomplish the goals you have. Therefore, ask your Web design agency in Toronto to include aspects that draw traffic, inform visitors, and encourage conversions.

Check out these elements that every homepage needs to improve its performance.

1- The Headline

A website homepage should explain to viewers what the company offers within a few seconds. The headline will fill this gap. Even if it only contains a few lines, it is one of the most important parts of the website. Keep the headline short and straightforward.

2- Sub-headline

The homepage's sub-headline should support the main headline by providing an easily understood overview of what you do or provide. It can be successfully achieved by focusing on an everyday issue that your services and product resolve.

3- Add an image

Many people prefer to see things. Use a picture or short video to demonstrate what you are offering. Use pictures that convey your writing story to evoke emotions and inspire action.

Web design agency in Toronto uses high-quality images that are reduced to small sizes, so it can optimize for the user who is viewing on smartphones. In addition, include alt text in your picture files to improve screen reader accessibility and boost your SEO efforts.

4- Call-to-action

Your homepage should encourage users to explore more of your website and lead them down the sales path. Place two or three call-to-action above the headline that points users to various stages of purchasing cycles in easy-to-find places.

5- The navigation

The navigation layout on the homepage could make the difference between a website sale and a bounce. Give users an easy way to get to the sites they need from the homepage. Ask your web design company in Toronto to place a noticeable navigation menu at the website's top and arrange the links according to classifications.

6- Social testimony

Social testimony or social proof is a strong faith predictor. It is acceptable to state that your products and services are the best; however, people might only trust you if they hear it from others also. And testimony does that. On your homepage, only a few of your finest quotes should be present with the name and photo of the person, and you can add case studies, too, if applicable.

7- Awards and recognition

Awards, recognition, and client success stories can create a positive impression. Inform viewers on the homepage about your achievements. It will increase the believed trustworthiness of your company among strangers.

Parting thoughts,

On the internet, your website is the face of your business and a digital storefront that entices users to become loyal customers. So, work closely with the experts at the chosen web design company in Toronto and ensure to include the elements listed above in your site.

Ryan Stevenson is the author of this article. For more details about SEO Agency in Toronto please visit our website: stealthmedia.com

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