Everything You Need to Know About 4K Gaming in 2023

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gpu for 4k gaming 2023 resolution provides an incredibly detailed picture, with four times as many pixels as full HD. This is great for games that prioritize stunning graphics and visual fidelity.

The Asus ROG Swift PG42UQ is an excellent choice for PC gaming, featuring a fast refresh rate and a premium design. It also offers a unique OLED panel that delivers superb contrast and vibrant colors.

1. Enhanced Detail

The most obvious benefit of gaming at 4K is that it offers far more pixels than older resolutions, which results in a sharper image. The increased detail also makes it easier to read text and objects on the screen.

However, a more important factor is how the images are rendered. A game's framerate is critical for a good gaming experience, and higher resolutions typically require more powerful hardware to process them.

Unfortunately, the PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles aren't powerful enough to run modern games at native 4K or even 1080p/120FPS. As a result, many of these titles are upscaled or use aggressive dynamic resolution scaling techniques that degrade image quality.

Thankfully, PC gamers can take advantage of technologies like NVIDIA's FSR and DLSS to get the best possible image quality from their systems. These technologies rely on advanced algorithms to upscale low-resolution graphics into 4K without sacrificing performance. They can also reduce aliasing artifacts and other visual anomalies. For more information, see our Graphics Card Buying Guide.

2. Smoother Motion

The high resolution of 4K allows for a smoother gaming experience. This is especially important for games that have a lot of motion, like fast-paced first person shooters. A lower frame rate will cause stuttering and lag, but with a higher refresh rate you'll be able to enjoy a smoother gameplay experience.

However, not all monitors offer a high refresh rate and you may want to consider opting for a model that supports at least 144Hz. This will allow you to enjoy a much smoother gaming experience and reduce input lag as well.

The Philips Evnia 42M2N8900 is a great choice for gamers who want to enjoy a smoother gaming experience. It features a 144Hz refresh rate and supports both AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync technologies. In addition, the monitor offers a wide viewing angle and excellent response time. It is also HDR compatible, allowing you to enjoy a more vivid gaming experience. This is a great option for those who are looking for a premium 4K gaming monitor. It's also affordable, making it an ideal purchase for gamers on a budget.

3. Better Colors

For 2023 gamers, 4K gaming will offer brighter and more colorful graphics. This is due to the fact that 4K monitors are capable of producing a wider color gamut than their 1440p counterparts.

In addition, most of the newer gaming monitors will feature HDR support. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, and it refers to the ability of a display to reproduce more colors with higher contrast. HDR is important because it allows you to see more detail in dark scenes and colors that may not be visible without the technology.

Most 4K gaming monitors will come with an IPS, TN, or VA panel. IPS panels are popular for gamers because they provide excellent color sharpness from different angles. They also have a quick response time and a high refresh rate, which is ideal for gaming.

TN panels are usually found on budget or mid-range monitors. They have decent motion clarity and fast pixel response, but they can cause blurring in games with large amounts of movement. They are also a bit more expensive than other panels.

4. Higher Refresh Rates

As you can imagine, a 4K screen requires a lot of pixels to move around at once. That translates to an awful lot of GPU-pushing power, which in turn means that high-resolution gaming hasn't come cheap for PC gamers for some time now.

Fortunately, recent graphics card performance improvements coupled with upscaling tech like DLSS are making 4K gaming more affordable than ever. As a result, many modern PC gamers have opted for a proper 4K gaming monitor.

For example, this Asus 42-inch 4K UHD monitor features a super-smooth 144Hz refresh rate and supports HDMI 2.1 for compatibility with current-gen consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. The display also offers excellent colour accuracy, a wide viewing angle and supremely balanced response times.

Other notable options include this BenQ Mobiuz, which sports a fast 144Hz refresh rate and supports both Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync depending on the type of graphics card you use. The monitor is also reasonably priced considering it's a proper 4K gaming panel and benefits from great connectivity. The only downside is the lack of HDR support.

5. More Space

In gaming, having more pixels is nice but it’s not worth sacrificing a smooth experience to get them. The best gaming monitors deliver both by combining the power of four times the resolution of full HD with a snappy refresh rate.

TN panels are often found in budget Advisor gaming monitors because they offer decent motion clarity and quick pixel response times. But gamers who are serious about image quality will want to consider IPS or VA panels. These have a wide range of viewing angles and great color accuracy with a deeper black echelon and more contrast.

The latest monitors are even starting to use OLED panel technology. It’s not the mainstream option yet, but it offers a unique combination of features that’s hard to find in other monitors – perfect infinity contrast, 100% SRGB color gamut coverage, and nearly non-existent ghosting.


The catch is that you’ll need a high-end graphics card to make it all work. Thankfully, Nvidia’s RTX series and AMD’s Radeon RX 7000-series are bringing 4K gaming to a more affordable level.

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