Famous places to visit in Kolkata

Famous places to visit in Kolkata
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Kolkata is the capital of culture of India has a vibrant city which radiates charisma and charm, with a variety of famous places and landmarks that display its rich past and varied heritage. From grand historical sites to lively markets and peaceful gardens, Kolkata has something to draw every visitor. Here are a few most famous places to visit in kolkata

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Victoria Memorial

Standing as an emblem of Kolkata's past as a colonial city, The Victoria Memorial is an architectural wonder that is a tribute to the reign of Queen Victoria. The magnificent white marble construction is flanked by impressive greenery with a museum that has an vast collection of artifacts, sculptures and paintings that date back to the British period.

Howrah Bridge

An iconic landmark and engineering marvel The Howrah Bridge is an essential part of Kolkata's distinctiveness. It spans across the Hooghly River, the bridge provides breathtaking perspectives of the river as well as the bustling city to either side. It is among the most popular cantilever bridges around the globe and an absolute must-see destination for those who love photography.

Dakshineswar Kali Temple

Located on the banks of Hooghly River, Dakshineswar Kali Temple is a cherished Hindu shrine dedicated to goddess Kali. This temple's complex with its breathtaking architectural design and spiritual atmosphere is a magnet for many devotees and travelers seeking blessings and peace.

Kalighat Temple

Another significant temple dedicated to Goddess Kali, Kalighat Temple is among Kolkata's most ancient and most sacred locations. The lively atmosphere, traditional rituals and bustling bazaars that surround the temple offer a fascinating glimpse of the city's devotion to religion.

Indian Museum

Established in 1814 The Indian Museum is the oldest and most prestigious museum in India and boasts a large collection of archaeology, art, anthropology, as well as natural historical exhibits. Its galleries provide an enriching experience that covers millennia in the history of humanity and the development of culture. Book your cheap flights to kolkata with lowest flight fares and save a great amount of money.

Marble Palace 

Marble palace is a hidden treasure in the middle of Kolkata The Marble Palace is a lavish mansion that is adorned with stunning marble sculptures as well as exquisite art. It is home to an extensive collection of furniture, antique paintings and other rare objects, creating a treasure-trove of culture and art.

St. Paul's Cathedral

A masterpiece of Indo-Gothic architecture, St. Paul's Cathedral is among Kolkata's most stunning churches. The cathedral's magnificent interiors, stained-glass windows as well as its serene ambience create a sanctuary of tranquility and reflection.

College Street

Known as the "Boi Para" or the Book Market, College Street is a paradise for book lovers. With its many shops along with stalls and shops, the market provides an amazing collection of books, making it the biggest second-hand book market around the globe.

Science City

A hub of science-based entertainment and education, Science City is an interactive science museum that will delight people of all different ages. The display exhibits, interactivity and exciting demonstrations in science help to make learning enjoyable and exciting.

Eco Tourism Park

Situated in the New Town area, the Eco Tourism Park is an vast urban park that provides an idyllic escape from the bustle and hustle. The stunning lakes, beautiful gardens, as well as eco-friendly attractions make for a wonderful setting to relax and unwind.

Kolkata's rich and varied mix of tradition, history and spirituality is captured in its iconic landmarks. If you're a history enthusiast, an artist or seeking the spiritual, these famous landmarks will certainly be awestruck by Kolkata's unending appeal and charm.

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