Features of account aggregate network

Features of account aggregate network
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18 October 2022

The account aggregate framework provides secure bank information. You can only go to the bank occasionally with a busy schedule. In such cases, this framework helps you to know the bank information in one place. Even small business investors can quickly get a loan without going to the bank. The data in account aggregation providers will be encrypted at one end and decrypted at the user end. So using this network will give greater security to your data. In this post, you will learn about the Features of an account aggregate network:

Provides data security

The data is encrypted on the aggregate account side. As the recipient, you may decipher it. Your data can be stored and processed by the account aggregate framework. With your permission, they can transfer data from one financial institution to another.

Recurring access to the data

If you have any idea about closing the account in the account aggregation, they will arrange to close your account. If you aggress to share the information recurrently over a while, you can revoke that agreement at any moment.

You also set the time for the recipient institution will have access when the data can be shared. Most account aggregate companies are licensed under the RBI sector. This sector establishes strict data security rules on the account aggregate, as this is for the wellness of the customers.


You can fetch the bank statement at any time. If you take statements from the bank, they will cost around 30-200 rupees. But when it comes to account aggregate, it is fully digitalized, so the complexities are low. This framework margin is very low for fetching the bank statement. If you are looking for the best account aggregation providers, they will guide you and secure your data.

The breadth of data and connections

There are tens of thousands of data sources, hundreds of thousands of account kinds, and virtually infinite numbers of transaction types around the globe, most of which need to be covered by industry-standard format. Therefore, in terms of standardizing the financial data across many institutions, the aggregation system exposed to most variables will do best. The power of an account aggregation solution strongly correlates with the size of its account aggregator framework because data aggregators inherently become more intelligent the more data they collect, the more customers and accounts they absorb, etc.

Data Accuracy 

Your account aggregation framework should be able to aggregate, cleanse, augment, and store user data. Data quality takes years to develop and needs to do a lot with several sources from which your framework is pulling data. This account aggregate involves banks, credit cards, investment vehicles, loans, mortgages, insurance, bills and loans. This framework should be able to aggregate a wide range of data from a large number of providers using both structured and semi-structured formats. As the account aggregate, the online transaction system should constantly be updated with the most recent data collected. This platform provides a service enabling developers to integrate with rich financial and transactional data.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, you have learned about the features of the account aggregate network. If you still need to open an account in the account aggregate platform, it is the perfect time to invest in Anumati. They will secure your data and access permission from you for further work.

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