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05 October 2022

Cheap Runescape Accounts for Sale!

If you're looking for ways to enhance your RuneScape experience but don't have the time or motivation to master another hybrid or pure check out PlayerAuctions for low-cost RS accounts.

Five different types of accounts you can purchase for RuneScape

There's plenty of accounts to choose from in the world of RuneScape. Due to this, you must be aware that you know what you're spending your money. We can assist you in finding the perfect account for you! There are currently five popular types of accounts that you can purchase at PlayerAuctions. These accounts include: skill pure combat pur, maxed, and ironman accounts.

Here's a quick overview of these accounts as well as what they can provide you:

1. Buy OSRS Skiller Account

A Skiller account is a type of account that is designed to highlight non-combat abilities. Skill pure accounts are known for having a high level of some or all of the skills that do not require combat. If you're a person that prefers not to have anything to do with deal with combat-related aspects of RuneScape and prefers to concentrate on farming, harvesting, and other such activities, then this account is perfect for you. Skiller accounts suffer from the disadvantage of making it difficult to earn levels, especially in areas populated by monsters of high level. You won't be able train other skills that are related to combat as well like Constitution, Prayer, and Summoning among others.

2. Buy OSRS Combat Pure Account

A Combat Pure account is a type that focuses only on combat-related skills. These skills pertain to PvE and PvP scenarios. With this account, you'll be able to learn specific combat abilities. A Pure Defense account for instance will focus solely on the Defense skill. It may have a high Defense score but its attack is likely to be extremely low. Combat Pure accounts are ideal for those who wish to test their skills and try different combat techniques.

3. Buy Maxed OSRS Account

A Maxed account is described as the mother of all accounts we've mentioned in this list. This account comes with all the stats that you'd want fully maxed-out, which means that the level of skill has hit their max. This account is ideal for beginners since they can get a head start by having the fully-decked out stats. Maxed accounts tend to be more expensive than the average, so keep that in mind when you're on a tight budget.

4. Buy OSRS Ironman Account

The Ironman account is not for those who aren't confident. The Ironman/Hardcore Ironman Account is a kind of account that is geared towards self-sufficiency. It isn't able to participate in all the things normal RuneScape players love, such as trading or going to the Grand Exchange, PvP, and other group-related activities. Being an Ironman is a risky proposition, so if you're looking for an account that can challenge your limits, this account is for you.

5. Purchase OSRS Staking Account

A Staking account is a kind of account that you can make money from. Similar to Pking where you'll engage in PvP combat Staking is a lucrative method that people usually do in their free time. It's also among the most popular methods to earn gold. The best part about stakes is that you don't have to invest money in potions or even an internet connection. It can also get boring since there's no excitement in stake. If you're looking for an account that you want to farm gold while maintaining your main account, an Staking account is the ideal choice.

How to connect Steam and RuneScape Accounts

It's simple to connect your Steam and RuneScape accounts. This lets you start RuneScape directly through Steam without the need to log into the game. Here's how you can link your accounts:

1. Log into your Steam account or create a brand new one. Download RuneScape from Steam Launch the game through Steam, and then click 'Link my RuneScape account to Steam', when asked if you already own an account. Log into your RuneScape account and your account will be successfully linked!

The only problem with the account linking system however it is that you are able to only have one RS3 connected at a given time. However, it is possible to unlinked by logging into and clicking on "unlink" next to the Steam logo however, the option of linking multiple accounts would be beneficial.

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