Few Popular Monet Paintings and Where to Find the Best Prints

Few Popular Monet Paintings and Where to Find the Best Prints
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Claude Monet is one of the most famous French artists in the world. His work even sprouted the impressionism art movement. If you want a Monet work of your own, you can look for Monet art prints, making his iconic work affordable on any budget.

Impressionism art is when the artist wants to capture the “impression” of what they’re seeing instead of painting every detail. This makes the paintings more focused on the emotions and feelings behind a certain scene instead of focusing on the surface level. Unlike traditional art, Monet wanted to use bright and bold colors.

A revolutionary artist, Monet painted over 2,000 pieces in his lifetime. Here are the most popular ones that inspired modern art today.

Impression, Sunrise (1872)
This is the painting that inspired the term “impressionism” in the art world. This painting is of Le Havre, a city in Normandy that Monet called home. While it shows no specific elements, the painting still showed the vibe of the city.

La Grenouillère (1869)
La Grenouillere was a popular resort in the 19th century that had a spa, boating, and even a floating cafe. It was located just outside of Paris and Monet often went over to paint. This painting shows people enjoying themselves at La Grenouillere. The painting looks peaceful and serene.

Camille and Child (1875)
Camille is Monet’s first wife. In this iconic painting, Camille is shown sitting in the garden of their house in Argenteuil with a child. This painting represents the start of Monet’s career, when he mostly did portraits. Camille has appeared in many of Monet’s portraits but this one stands out due to the vibrant colors and the facial expressions. This painting is available in print form on the MFA Boston online store, a stunning addition to any room that needs a pop of color and vibrancy.

Rouen Cathedral, Facade, Sunset (1892)
This is one of the most famous from Monet’s Rouen Cathedral series. Monet would often paint one subject over and over, capturing its changing lights and colors over time. Monet actually painted this cathedral 30 times since he had an apartment with direct views of the building.

Woman with a Parasol (1875)
While Monet usually painted landscapes, this is the work for you if you’re looking for Monet art prints with people in them. The woman in the painting is someone Monet knew. It was his wife Camille and their eight-year-old son, Jean. He showed them during a stroll during what looked like a sunny, windy day. The painting looks somewhat like a dream.

Houses of Parliament (1900)
Monet painted this building 19 times. He traveled to London twice to complete the series, setting up his painting studio on a terrace within the St. Thomas Hospital. Some paintings show the building at night, others during the day. Some days were foggy. One of the most famous ones shows an eerie orange swirling sky, the building shrouded in shade. Another shows a smoldering hot sun reflected on the water.

Water Lilies (1901)
This water landscape was created when Monet lived in Giverny. He loved his flower garden, which had a water structure and small pond with a Japanese footbridge. It became his inspiration for his later works, including this stunning piece. The angle of this painting is something to note — there’s no horizon line and it’s focused right on the water lilies themselves.

San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk (1908)
This iconic scene was painted when Monet went to Venice with his wife. Monet loved the city and wanted to capture its beauty. Monet had a view of San Giorgio Maggiore from his hotel room. This painting shows the building in sunset, with vibrant blues, yellows, and reds reflected in the water.

If you’re looking for a print of Monet’s work, check out the Museum of Fine Arts Boston’s shop. You’ll find prints by Monet and many other famous artists, making it convenient to bring their iconic work into your home.

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