Fortnite: How to Unlock the Prowler Skin in Fortnite

Fortnite: How to Unlock the Prowler Skin in Fortnite
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In Fortnite's Chapter 3 Season 2 Battle Pass, the Marvel villain Prowler is now available, and here's how to get him.

There are plenty of comic book heroes and villains in Fortnite, especially from the Marvel universe. This season, not only has Doctor Strange joined the crossover battle royale game, but Prowler has also arrived. Most Marvel fans may have recently encountered Prowler in Insomniac's 2020 Miles Morales game or the 2018 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse film. He's Miles' uncle, in case you didn't know.

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The new Prowler Quests will be available in the "Quests" area of the menu for Fortnite players that have purchased the Battle Pass for Chapter 3, Season 2. There are a total of nine quests, the majority of them are self-explanatory. Players simply need to accomplish three of the nine challenges to acquire the Prowler skin. Players can also receive emotes, sprays, banners, and other items as part of the various incentives.

You'll need to purchase the current Battle Pass in order to activate Prowler. However, the skin must be unlocked during the current season by fulfilling certain requirements. The skin will no longer be available once the season is done.

The battle pass in Chapter 3, Season 2 involves Marvel's Doctor Strange and Prowler, a character who has been both an ally and a villain in the comics and the Spider-Man: Miles Morales game but has yet to appear in the live-action films.

Because Prowler only requires the purchase of the battle pass, you can complete the activities in whatever sequence you like, with each one providing progress toward the various cosmetics and the skin itself.

How to Unlock the Prowler skin

Only three of the eight available tasks are required to get the Prowler skin, and each quest will reward you with a unique bonus cosmetic.

The following are Prowler's special quests that you must complete:

  • Headshot three opponents with a thermal weapon – Mark of the Prowler weapon wrap
  • Search seven chests before taking any damage in a match – Sky Prowler glider
  • Use one spray at The Daily Bugle – Prowler tag spray
  • Mod two vehicles and drive them 500 meters in a match – Prowler’s Grasp emoticon
  • Collect 300 bars – Prowler themed loading screen
  • Damage opponents while crouched or sliding – Energy Claw harvesting tool
  • Complete seven Prowler quests – ‘Slash and Smash’ emote

Where to Find Thermal Weapons in Fortnite

One of the most difficult aspects of the Prowler objectives is that they are so diverse that completing them all in a single match will be impossible.

The location of the thermal weaponry to headshot adversaries is, however, the one that is creating the most consternation within the community. You must not only track down this elusive weaponry, but you must also shoot another player in the head. The Fortnite generator is the best tool to generate free V Bucks.

As of right now, there is just one thermal weapon, the thermal scoped assault rifle, which may be found by doing the following:

  • Loot chests or find them on the floor
  • Kill other players that have the gun
  • Defeat Huntmaster Saber
  • Defeat an IO Hunter

Huntmaster Saber Location

The bosses of Fortnite patrol specific sections of the map, with Huntmaster Saber being particularly difficult to defeat.

With a whirling slash, he may cause 20 damage per hit or wreak havoc with the thermal rifle you're hunting.

You should be able to grab a thermal rifle from him for the quest if you're speedy and can get to him first in the match.

To locate Huntmaster Saber, go to the Command Cavern Airship, which is located in the snowy part of the map, as shown below.

The Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle is the sole thermal weapon in Fortnite right now. It can be found in chests and as floor loot, but if players hunt out and beat Huntmaster Saber, they will drop the thermal rifle. Saber should be flying above Coney Crossroads on a blimp.

To modify a car, look for off-road tires at garages. "Modding" a car is as simple as putting new tires on it.

Also, use the Bounty Boards spread throughout the map to quickly obtain 300 Bars. Another way to get a lot of them is to go to Command Cavern and defeat Gunnar, the boss. He'll drop a keycard, which players can use to access a room full with gold bar-filled safes.

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