From July 1, 2022, State Registration Cards Are No Long Required (under HB933)

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The Virginia government has some exciting news to share!

In Virginia, registration cards are no longer necessary.

Virginia's HB933 does away with the need for eligible patients, guardians, and parents to register as a patient with the Pharmacy Board.

This rule, which will go into effect on July 1, 2022, states that in order to get medical cannabis therapy, a written recommendation from a physician who is licenced by the state is the only thing that must be submitted at regulated dispensaries.

The following are the only requirements for visiting dispensaries and obtaining medical marijuana products:

  • A written endorsement provided by a medical professional with a valid state licence
  • A government-issued ID card.
  • For patients from Virginia, the rule has been modified to provide some leeway.

Let's see what impact this new notification has.

Before July 1, what standards applied?
Prior to July 1, 2022, the following documentation was mandatory for qualified patients, guardians, or parents to present:

  • A formal endorsement in writing from a medical professional with a valid state licence.
  • Registering with the state as a patient.
  • A marijuana prescription card.
  • A government-issued ID card, as well.

To purchase medical marijuana products from dispensaries.

The patient had to wait the approaching 60 business days for the approved response as a result of these registration procedures.

Additionally, processing of applications received before 1/7/2022 will continue.

What modification was made by this new notification?
With this new amendment, the board of pharmacy will no longer require eligible medicinal marijuana patients, legal guardians, or parents to register as patients.
Bravo! For access to medicinal cannabis treatment, only a documented recommendation from a qualified medical professional will do.

All You Need is :

  • A written recommendation from a licenced practitioner is all you need.
  • A government-issued ID card.
  • Additionally, medical cannabis products are readily available.

It is no longer necessary to register as a patient with the Virginia State of Pharmacy.

However, you have the option of obtaining a board-issued registration card for medical marijuana. Although not always necessary, the board can provide this.

Essentials Be Aware!
Medical cannabis products as specified in 54.1-3408-3 of the Virginia state code may be purchased by qualified patients, parents, or legal guardians with a written recommendation from a licenced physician registered with the Virginia Board of Pharmacy.

A registered practitioner with the Board of Pharmacy must provide the written recommendation.

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