Fundamental Firearm Parts

Fundamental Firearm Parts
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Since firearms were initially invented, there have been different changes in firearms. Every modern firearm has 3 fundamental parts-barrel, stock and action. Let’s check brief descriptions of firearm parts

  1. Stock- This is the segment of firearm that you can hold by the shooter. This stock works as the platform for providing sufficient support to the barrel and action. This is a plastic, metal or wood frame that can hold the action and barrel, allowing the gun to be firmly held. The back segment of stock is a butt stock, shoulder stock or a butt. It works as a useful segment of a long gun that can provide structural support where the firing mechanism, action and barrel are attached. The stock provides an effective means for you to brace the gun firmly and aim with proper stability against the shoulder of the user at the time of shooting the gun.
  2. Action-It works as the firearm heart-the moving segments that fire and load the ammunition as well as eject the cartridges or shells. In modern firearms, different action types are used, such as revolver, pump-action, bolt action, straight-pull action and others. In contrast, muzzleloaders can be found, despite the actions. The bolt action, pump action, and lever action can be found in weapons that can fire a single shot. These arms can shoot several rounds or repeaters that include all action types. However, only semi-automatic segments do not need manual operations among rounds. On a machine gun, a truly "automatic" action can be observed.


  1. Barrel-Among these basic firearm parts, this is a metal tube that can projectile travel through as an outcome of great pressure from compressed air, burning gunpowder as well as other means. The barrel can guide the projectile in the intended direction. The barrel is a tube, through which rapid explosions or controlled explosions of gasses can be released to propel any projectile at a great velocity. Currently, gun barrels are sophisticated in makeup and construction.

You can hold a gun barrel in the gas expansion by propellants to assure that the optimum velocity of the muzzle can be attained by shell or bullet where expanding gas can be pushed out. Early firearms had muzzle loading mostly. It is a complicated and slow procedure that has caused a low fire rate. Though breech loading provides a higher fire rate, however, guns with early breech-loading capacity lack an efficient manner of sealing the escaping gasses that can leak from the barrel back end.

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