What Makes Rock Island Firearms So Popular?

What Makes Rock Island Firearms So Popular?
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Some guns attain legendary status. The M1 Garand, the Remington 870, and of course the Colt M1911 are in this category.

Their reliability, versatility, and durability have made them extremely popular, and as a result, they have either enjoyed wide use, long production histories, or both.

In the case of the latter entry, countless clones and lookalikes of the venerable M1911 have been produced over the years, in addition to the 2 million or more originals that were created.

Among these are Rock Island firearms, produced by RIA (Rock Island Armory). Rock Island 1911 pistols are among the most popular 1911 lookalikes in the industry - but why?

Let’s peel back some of the layers.

Durability and Quality Construction
Rock Island firearms, specifically Rock Island 1911 pistols, are built tough. Just like the real thing, they are made with high-quality components and treated to resist wear and corrosion. In some instances, they might even be superior.

Rock Island 1911 pistols are made using 4140 ordnance steel and their parts are CNC machined, then individually hand-fitted and tested to strict tolerance guidelines.

Many of their pistols are completed with Parkerized finishes that improve appearance as well as wear and corrosion resistance.

In other words, Rock Island firearms are the farthest thing from a cheap knockoff.

If there’s something that collectors and shooters love about Rock Island Firearms more than their rock-solid construction (if you can excuse the pun) it’s reliability.

Many Rock Island pistols are made with button-rifled barrels and full-length guide rods that support accuracy and reliable, fluid cycling.

Also, don’t take our word for it. You won’t need to look on the web for long to find a testimonial from a fellow shooter that has great things to say about the reliability of his or her Rock Island. You can put thousands of rounds through them and they will keep on kicking.

Carry Friendly
While Rock Island 1911 pistols are built solidly, most of them are not so heavy that they aren’t carry-friendly.

In fact, several reviews expressly state that while their Rock Island in question weighs a few pounds, it’s not prohibitively dense in the holster. As in, you’ll know it’s there but it won’t drag you down.

Also, there are many different types of Rock Island Armory 1911-style pistols available. Some mimic the full-sized Government 1911 and others are far more compact and therefore more suitable for concealed carry. Rock Island pistols like the Rock Ultra CS and Rock Island CCO in .45 ACP both come to mind.

If you’re used to the ultra–modern “tacticool” appearance of some pistols on the market today, then the truth is that some Rock Island Firearms just might leave you feeling cold.

Their simplicity is one of the things that has made them popular for so long. They capture all of the best features of the original 1911 down to the basic details without adding too much fluff.

If you’re looking for fiber-optic sights, rails, and grip-mounted lasers, you can configure a Rock Island with them - but you can also enjoy a Rock Island 1911 the way John Moses Browning (presumably) intended.

Modern Features
Now, with that said, it isn’t to suggest that Rock Island 1911 pistols lack modern features. Many of them are made with textured synthetic scales and skeletonized hammers and triggers that lighten weight and improve the design, along with adjustable overtravel stops and ambidextrous safeties (most models).

In essence, Rock Island took the aspects of the 1911 that made it immortal and brought them into the current age.

Explore More About Rock Island Firearms
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