Get Ballistic Helmet Once You Are Aware Of The Types Available

Get Ballistic Helmet Once You Are Aware Of The Types Available
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Are you looking for the tactical load out with some of the ballistic headgears? If the answer is yes, then going for the ballistic or bullet-proof helmet is indeed a mandatory note to consider. Picking out the right one can be a bit of a pickle but with some experienced helping hands by your side, you can end up making the right choice over here.

Keeping your head safe is your top notch priority and it is important to take out the guesswork and make the right choice.  Understanding different types of ballistic headgears and their pros and cons, will actually help you in making the right choice around here.

More on such helmets:

It is important to know that the ballistic helmet is one tactical product, designed for protecting the head of the wearer from threats like blunt impact, ballistic impacts and blast debris. 

  • For that full coverage and ultimate protection, you are asked to get ballistic helmet with the ballistic resistant body armor. It provides the best safety you have asked for.
  • Traditionally speaking, the military members were the ones to wear out such helmets for combat. It was considered to be a common gear piece for law enforcement in some of the tactical situations.
  • However, right now, even the civilians, who are in the lookout for that extra ballistic protection while working with the firearms can opt for the ballistic headsets.
  • But, it is always mandatory for you to know that there isn’t any such protective material currently available on the market, which can be guaranteed to be bulletproof.
  • Some of the readily available options will be certified bullet resistant against some ranges of weapons. These are more than just adequate for most of the cases.

These are some of the major points to keep in mind if you are trying to procure ballistic helmet for the first time. These won’t stop every bullet from hitting you, but will possibly help in saving your life.

The types to follow:

Once you have made up your mind regarding ballistic helmet and willing to purchase one, it is important to get on with the types before that. You need to know more about the variations available and their features, just to help you make the right choice in here.

Tactical helmet types:

Right now, there are three major versions available under the tactical helmet category. Each one is known to have a different design, history and purpose. Learning about them is always a good call.

Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops helmet:

Among all the available options, the most influential design and the oldest one among the lot will be Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops helmet. It was used by the military people and noted to be a protective gear component, which comes along ballistic vest.

  • This form of ballistic helmet is a tried and true model, which is used today by the US Army Reserve and also by the US Navy.
  • It is mainly the gold standard one when it is associated with ballistic protection.
  • It consists of an outer shell with multiple layered Kevlar.


The next generation version of the helmet, just mentioned above, will be MICH. It got released in early 2001, with the aim to design a helmet known to be lighter and more comfortable and also a protective gear for all.

  • The helmet is subject to weighs around 3.0 lbs to 3.6 lbs. 
  • It is primarily made using the advanced Kevlar material.
  • It comes in the wide range of camouflage patterns or even in solid black color as used by the SWAT teams.


The next and another one of the interesting names under ballistic helmets will be FAST. It came first into the market in the 2009 SHOT Show and never looked back since then. It was soon issued to the special operation forces in the country. Right now, there are different numbers of special ops forces, which are using different variations of the FAST model.

  • One of the noticeable differences of this particular model from the other ones is that high cut sides. It will leave the ears exposed and the helmet will just curve back to protect the occipital bone towards the back of the head.
  • The main goal of this helmet was to be used in the maritime special operations. That’s why the ear sections are cut off.
  • Some of the traditional models were proven to be hazardous to wear at sky while traveling at high speeds as the water might catch in ear cups. That’s why the FAST model was introduced.

Now you are well-aware of the types of ballistic helmets you can get from the market right now. Checking out the features will help you to make the right choice.

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