Give a new place to your career by doing Digital Marketing?

Give a new place to your career by doing Digital Marketing?
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Digital marketing is the use of digital technologies to market products or services  on the Internet. This includes showing ads through mobile  apps and using any other digital media. Today's era is online like online shopping, ticket booking, recharge, bill payment, online transaction etc. Thanks to the Internet, we can do a lot from the comfort of our homes. If we look at the market situation, about 80% of  buyers do online research before buying any product or service, and in this case, digital marketing becomes important for any business or company. Learn more about what digital marketing is in this blog.

What is digital marketing?

A few years ago, people used to market their goods through different types of methods like posters, templates, advertisements, newspapers to sell their goods and deliver them to the customers. But all these activities (means) could attract very few customers, so traders changed the way of marketing their things and nowadays everyone can do online shopping, send or receive money, various types of education related courses etc. on their phones. Or you can do it easily from a laptop.

Digital marketing, this term started becoming more popular after the year 2000. When search engine marketing, social media, apps, etc. developed on the Internet, this word became common to people. Digital marketing is that in which we can promote our product globally by digital devices like our mobile and computer. In the 1980s, first some efforts were made to establish a digital market but it could not be possible. Its name and use started in the late 1990s.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Along with knowing what is Digital Marketing, it is also necessary to know its benefits, which are as follows:

  • This can be done for very little money. You can start it with Rs 100 or even Rs 1,000.
  • We can deliver our advertisements only and only to those people who need our products or services. Whereas this is not possible in traditional marketing.
  • Digital marketing is easy to do.
  • Also, we can easily make necessary changes in our campaign.
  •  It usually has a good conversion rate. That is, people quickly become customers.
  • There are many job options in internet marketing.
  • Consolidate the core concepts of Internet Marketing.
  • Promote your existing business website or blog.
  • You can better monitor how your SEO team is doing.
  • Work from home as internet marketers can work as a freelancer.

Importance of Digital Marketing

Along with knowing what is Digital Marketing, it is also important to know why it is necessary, which are as follows:

  • This is the era of technology and in this modern time there has been technical development in everything, the internet is also a part of this modernity.
  • Today's society is troubled by the lack of time, so it has become very necessary.
  • People can easily get their favorite and essential goods according to their convenience through the internet.
  • In the era of Coronavirus, people avoid going to the market, in such a situation, it helps the business to reach its products and services to the people.
  • It can show many variants of the same item in a short time and the consumer can take what he likes immediately. Through this medium, the time taken by the consumer to go to the market, to like the item and to come and go, is saved.
  • Through this, the businessman can also connect with more people in less time and can convey the merits of his product to the consumer.
  • You all already know that change is the rule of life, how much change has happened in earlier times and today's life and today is the age of the internet.
  • Its demand is being seen very strongly at present. The merchant who is making his goods is easily delivering his goods to the customers without any third person. This is promoting business.
  • In today's time every person is using Google, Facebook and YouTube etc., through which the merchant shows his products to the customers.

Types of Digital Marketing

Internet is the only means to do digital marketing, its types are given below:-

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): It is a technique (means) that places your website at the top of the search engine results, thereby increasing the number of visitors. For this, we have to make our website according to keywords and Search Engine Optimization guidelines.

Email Marketing: Email marketing is necessary for every company in every way because any company gives new offers and discounts to customers from time to time, for which email marketing is an easy way of digital marketing. Email marketing is the delivery of products by any company through email.

Social Media: Social media consists of various types of websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Through social media, a person can put his thoughts and feelings in front of thousands of people. As you all must have noticed that when we visit these sites, advertisements appear on it after a while, these advertisements may or may not be related to your choice.

YouTube Channel: YouTube is a medium of social media marketing in which the producer can deliver his products directly to the people.

Affiliate Marketing: Advertising of products through websites, blogs and links is called Affiliate Marketing. Under this, you create your link and upload your product on that link. When a customer buys your product through that link, you get paid.

Apps Marketing: To reach people by creating different types of apps on the internet and promoting your product through those apps is called Apps Marketing. Nowadays a large number of people are using smartphones. Big companies make their apps and make the apps available to the people.

We are telling you about the utility of digital marketing:-

  1. By making a brochure on your website, you can advertise your product on it and send it to the letter-box of the people. How many people are watching you can also be detected.
  2. Website Traffic - Which website has the maximum crowd of visitors - first you know this, then put your advertisement on that website so that more people can see you.
  3. Attribution Modeling – Through this, you can find out that nowadays people are taking interest in which product or which advertisements they are seeing.
  4. How you are connecting with your consumer is important. You can take care of their needs as well as their preferences.

Digital Marketing Syllabus

Along with knowing what is Digital Marketing? It is also necessary to know its syllabus. While the actual syllabus offered for digital marketing courses will differ mainly according to the course level as well as the institute, there are some core topics that are covered in such courses at all levels. 

Here is the list of major topics covered under Digital Marketing Syllabus:

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
  2. SEO optimization
  3. Introduction to CRM
  4. Email marketing
  5. Competitor and Website Analysis
  6. market research
  7. Content Creation, Management, Promotion
  8. Introduction to Web Analytics
  9. Mobile marketing
  10. Social media marketing
  11. Digital Marketing Budgeting, Planning, Forecast
  12. Digital marketing project management
  13. Product Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads)
  14. Affiliate marketing
  15. website data analytics
  16. Paid Ads Optimization Strategies
  17. Neuromarketing fundamentals

How to do a digital marketing course?

Digital marketing courses can be done both online and offline. In online medium you can do Google's free certified course and in offline medium you can do course from any good institute of your city. You can learn this course for free from Google sitting at home. For this you have to go to these two websites.

  1. Google Digital Unlocked
  2. Google Skill Shop

Both of these are Google's website from where you can easily learn from home, below are some important points-

  1. Through both these websites of Google, you can learn this course without any fees.
  2. When you finish the course from here, you are also given a certificate from Google. This certificate has more importance than others.
  3. With Google Digital Unlocked, you can learn the fundamentals of digital marketing in both text and video format. From here you can understand the nuances of digital marketing very well.
  4. You will need to sign-up with your Google Account to unlock Courses.
  5. After signing up, you will get the details of the courses, which will have 26 modules with a duration of 40 hours.

How many months is the digital marketing course?

Certificate course in digital marketing is of 3 to 6 months duration. Bachelor courses like BBA etc are of 3-4 years. Post graduate course in digital marketing is of 2 years duration.

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