Good Exceeds Evil: Overcoming The Hurdles In Life

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Good Exceeds Evil: Overcoming The Hurdles In Life

The feeling of enduring evil is inexplicable. Evil can be dominating and can easily overcome you. Yet, the power of good can is greater than that of evil. The only difference is that evil takes less time to captivate your attention, but good can be time-consuming.

Life is like a mysterious roller coaster that can swiftly change speed and direction. That is how evil can change your mind about your life decisions. Either you can embrace good and enjoy the ride, or let evil consume you, which might seem like the right choice for the short-term but will cause disruption in the future.

Overcoming struggles and hurdles is essential if you want to become successful in life. No matter what setbacks you face, an illness, a breakup, a financial crisis, or losing someone dearest to you, you must persevere. Every human evolves from the failures and challenges that bump into them in life’s journey. The impediments halt our progress, and overcoming them is vital.

Can you think of any one successful endeavor where you were not met with obstacles?

That’s right! Every successful destination is bound to make you face challenges and hurdles. Few take a shortcut (evil) to reach their desires, while others remain patient and try to overcome their fears and failures. Who do you think will win in the long run?

Remember that whatever you fear is where the growth lies.

Why Obstacles and Hurdles Are Essential

Life hurdles help reveal our true identity. These challenges might even rip you apart, but that is how you discover your true self. You are sometimes unaware of your full potential and capabilities, which is why obstacles exist. They assist you in reaching your true potential.

A good example of overcoming struggles is Alyssa Aleeray from Big Medicine Pretty Water, who remains patient despite being targeted by the evil people who try to destroy her life. She lets her inner positivity help her surpass her limits.

Hurdles direct our actions. The stumbling blocks don’t stop us from reaching our goals but are opportunities to strengthen us for the future. This makes us tougher and helps us develop courage while overcoming fear.

Techniques to Overcome Hurdles

1. Believe in Yourself

No matter how overwhelming the situation is, never give up on yourself and your dreams. Always keep your strengths in mind. Self-efficacy is a concept that means believing in yourself to handle tasks or situations. This is crucially required in times of distress.

2. Conquer Your Fear

Fear is what keeps you alive. What you are afraid of is what stops you from moving toward your desires and vision. Fear doesn’t always indicate danger but allows you to overcome it while making you stronger.

3. Don’t Forget to be Resilient

Resilience is the ability to bounce back when things don’t go as expected. It impacts our happiness and helps an individual overcome life’s challenges.

4. Don’t Take Things Personally

Taking things personally can lead you to think from a negative perspective. How we explain our struggles to ourselves indicates immense importance. Whatever we explain must not make us feel disempowered.

5. Get a Perspective

Using challenging situations as opportunities to learn and grow might feel like a hurdle at the moment, but a year later, you will realize what it made you accomplish. Set a perspective of what you want and plan how to act. Discovering our purpose will help in adjusting the scales and gaining satisfaction.


To get a deeper insight regarding the concept of good and evil, refer to BIG MEDICINE PRETTY WATER by Michael Katko, and lean into the aspiring process of overcoming hurdles in life.

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