"Hacks" That Aren't Tech Hacks

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As it is now 2023, you may know what this signifies. The internet is abundant with shortcuts and techniques. These are supposed to help people save time or money, but most aren't hacks. They're economical solutions or strategies that have been around longer than Google Home. While they may not seem like tech hacks at first glance (unless you count putting nail polish on your hands as a "hack"), these clever tips can help you save time, energy, money—and sanity!

Cold brew coffee

Cold brew coffee is produced by soaking coffee grounds in cold water overnight. Or pour water over the grounds and let it sit for 12-24 hours. The result is less acidic and bitter than hot-brewed coffee, but it tastes great! To achieve this, one possible method is to utilize a... specific way:—the process of using—the French press. A...

Uncracked eggs in boiling water

Putting uncracked eggs in boiling water is common, but they can break if not handled properly. The secret is to place them inside something—cold water. Contain boiling water and let them simmer. Please leave them in for at least Remember to remove the items and put them in their designated location 10 minutes before the specified time. This will ensure your eggshells don't crack when you handle them later!

This method works well for hard-boiled eggs; To ensure proper cooking, it's essential to use a pot that is large enough. There's room for each egg to move around freely (otherwise, they might bump into each other).

Folding a fitted bed sheet

Folding a fitted bed sheet is manageable. You might be thinking, "How can I fold this thing?" But it's easier than you think. A fitted bed sheet has multiple uses. When sleeping, especially if you have kids! Place a Regular flat sheet over your mattress and tuck in the corners like any other flat sheet. By doing this, you can prevent spills and stains at home. 

Another great use for fitted sheets: They make excellent curtains! If your windows are too big for curtains and blinds but too small for drapes (or if drapes differ from your style), try using a fitted sheet instead. It'll block out light from outside while still allowing some sunlight during the day, so there's always some natural lighting inside without making things too dark inside your home or apartment."

Popping popcorn with oil and butter in the microwave bag

Popcorn is a low-fat snack (1 cup of air-popped popcorn contains just 30 calories). It's also healthy, including fiber and protein. And it's delicious--popcorn can be flavored with butter or oil, which adds even more flavor. The microwave bag trick is an excellent way to ensure you get all these benefits in one place!

Removing a wine cork without a bottle opener

Many ways exist to remove a wine cork without a bottle opener. You can use the following:

  • A corkscrew (and then you'll need a wine key or knife to pull out the pin)
  • A shoe (if the shoe fits)
  • A screwdriver (or any other long, flat object)
  • A lighter, which is best if you're drinking something fire-based and want to see what happens when it comes into contact with alcohol fumes in an enclosed space

Drying a tea towel in half the time

If you want to dry a tea towel in half the time, use one of these methods:

  • Hang it on a clothesline.
  • Hang it in front of a fan.
  • Use a clothespin to pin it up somewhere with good air circulation (e.g., near an open window).
  • Clip it onto an empty window frame with a paperclip and rubber band combination that's been twisted into an "X" shape so that both ends wrap around the cloth itself--this will keep your towel secure without damaging its fibers!

Putting nail polish on your hands at the same time

This trick is easy with two hands and a nail polish bottle. You only need to hold one hand above the other and pour some nail polish into it. You can use any container, but getting all your fingers covered with just one drop might be challenging if it has a small opening (like an eye dropper).

If you want to ensure both hands are covered in polish at once, try holding them over a wide-mouthed cup or bowl so that there's plenty of room for both fingers without spilling any excess onto the countertop.

Using ice to pick up broken glass sections

There are numerous methods in which you can utilize it. To accomplish your task. Acquire—broken glass. Be careful when handling it; you don't want to cut yourself and risk infection.

The first method is using a spoon. This may seem obvious, but there are better options than this because spoons are often too big or small to pick up all pieces of broken glass. You also risk cutting yourself on sharp edges if you try this method without proper protection (such as gloves). This technique works best when only a few pieces are left over after cleaning up most of your mess with other methods described below!

Another way to get rid of those leftover shards is by using wet paper towels--this method works similarly well as sponges do because they have more surface area than both ice cubes and cardboard pieces combined; however, this technique doesn't work quite as well if there aren't many pieces left over after cleaning up most of your messes with other methods described below!

If none of these methods work out, try using plastic wrap/cling film instead - this should do the trick!

Pulling out splinters with duct tape or baking soda paste

  • Pulling out splinters with duct tape or baking soda paste.
  • Use a splinter remover to remove the object from your skin gently, then cover it with either duct tape or a paste of baking soda mixed with water. Leave it on until you can get to a doctor, who will likely snip off the remaining fragment of wood or glass and disinfect the area before stitching up any cuts that might need stitches. If you are short on time or fussiness, try using tweezers instead--just be careful not to hurt yourself!

People think they are tech-savvy, but these hacks only need tech-savviness

Popcorn is one of the most accessible and satisfying snacks to make in a microwave. You only need popcorn kernels, oil (or butter), salt, and a brown paper bag. Place 2 tablespoons of seeds into an uncovered. To use the paper bag, fold over the top several times. So it stays shut when you put it in the microwave. 

Add approximately 1/4 cup of water. Your oven is at full power for 30 seconds or so--this will steam up your bag without burning anything inside! Microwave on high for 3 minutes, then take out and shake vigorously to see if any kernels have popped yet--if not, give it another minute or two until they've all popped! Keep shaking every couple of minutes until they're finished cooking; this way, there won't be any burned spots on those last few kernels! Here is a shop for some other handy products


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